Why do so many businesses or individuals fail? Why is it that people do not all get what they want in life? Failing to plan can often mean planning to fail. Creating a plan means setting goals in your life. If you do not set goals you will not be very likely to succeed. Sure, there are some people who are simply gifted and can achieve more easily than others. However, the unfortunate truth is that most of us must work very hard in order to achieve our goals.

Goals can enable us to set a clear path to follow in life. Where you would like to go is just as, if not more, important than where you are right now. Having hopes and dreams, and pushing yourself to reach them, is necessary in order to have a fulfilling life. Goals help you to stay focused on what you want to get out of life, rather than floating randomly from day to day. They are a great way to get what you want, when you want it.

Your goals should be things that you are able to achieve. This is another important part of goal setting. You have to choose goals that you are going to be able to do; otherwise you will most likely fail. There is no point in setting your hopes up in the clouds if you cannot get there. Choosing goals that are possible is very important, but you do not have to choose easy ones. Find things that are difficult but also feasible and you will find that you can achieve.

You should start out by writing down your short-term goals. These are things that you can achieve within a short amount of time. Remember not to choose anything that is too hard, but make things a challenge. This might include things like doing some educated reading, going for a short walk, eating less, drinking less, cutting back on your cigarette smoking or something similar. Choose things that you can get started on right away. These might also include things that are a part of a bigger goal, such as applying to university so that you can end up with a degree. The act of applying is a short-term goal, but completing your study is a long-term goal.

Once you have written your short term goals write down some long-term goals. As discussed in the example above this might include things like completing a university course. It might also include things like being able to go for a half hour jog without stopping, or quitting cigarettes completely. These are things that are not possible to complete in a short span of time. They will take some time off your routine but in the long run it will be worth it.

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Lisa Phillips is an experienced Life Coach and author based in Sydney, Australia. She has run her own coaching practice for over 9 years and is a regular contributer to many magazines. Lisa is also an NLP Practitioner.

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