Whether you’ve noticed your horse has worms or just decided that it’s time to buy horse wormers and start a schedule for your horse, you’ve made a good decision. Worms can severely affect the health of your horse by causing problems including blood clotting, itchiness, malnourishment, weight loss and hair loss; sometimes resulting in colic, sores and even death.

Depending on your area, your horse will be more susceptible to certain types of worms than others; so it’s important to ask around with other horse owners in your area or a local equine vet for horse wormers’ advice before buying equine wormers.

What is A Rotation Schedule?

As you probably know, there are several major types of worms that can affect horses. The scientific categories include Nematodes, Cestodes and Arthropods. Each of these worms has several subcategories including pinworms, hairworms, bots and etc. Each will require a different type of wormer, however; some brands including Equimax wormer do cover most types of worms.

A rotation schedule, also known as interval worming, is the schedule that you use to worm for different types of worms in your area; if you’re using Equimax wormer then your schedule should be every 6-12 weeks or as necessary. If your area is more susceptible to a certain type of worm (for example warmer climates are more susceptible to bots and tapeworms) then you should worm for those types of worms more frequently.

Does Your Horse Have Worms?

There are several test kits you can purchase online to test and see if your horse has worms but for some types of worms you can simply pay attention to the stool, the coat and the gums. Visible worms or white specs in the stool is a clear sign of worms, most horses will lose energy and lustre to the coat if they have worms and might cough or show signs of colic as well.

A horse worm test kit is still the easiest way to find out whether or not your horse has worms and what type of worms they have.

Treating Worms in Horses

While there are many types of wormer and each of them are suitable for different worms, you can get some ‘multi-purpose’ or ‘all-in-one’ wormers like Equimax wormer. Equimax wormer is for the treatment of bots, roundworms, tapeworms and roundworms including developing red worms. It uses a combination of the chemicals moxidectin and praziquantel to kill most types of worms. Equimax wormer should usually be given every 12 weeks and in combination with a horse wormer to
treat encysted red worms if necessary.

You can buy cheap horse wormer online to cut costs. Buying Equimax wormer instead of multiple other brands can also save you time because you won’t have to give multiple treatments for different types of worms.

The easiest wormer is the all-purpose wormer that you only have to use every 2-3 months. Try buying Equimax wormer online to save time and money on your horse wormer purchase.

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