Blog posting frequency is something that needs to be determined by the individual and not by public opinion! Every blogger is faced with different circumstances and time constraints affecting their ability to write content while also producing something interesting to read! By choosing a schedule tailored to abilities and times resources of the individual that person has a much greater chance of developing a successful blog!

Here are 3 reasons why every blogger should write content at a pace that is most comfortable for them!

Better Content

Choosing your own pace puts less pressure on you which also means it minimizes the 'dread' you may feel when you do write content! There is a HUGE difference between doing something you're comfortable with as oppose to feeling compelled to do it since the feeling is that it's expected of you! This tends to relax your mind allowing for greater creativity and thus it enables you to compose something that others are more likely to find interesting to read!

Greater Consistency

When you 'choose' rather than 'accept' the frequency of how often you post to 'your' blog you're likely more inclined to stick with it! You chose your own schedule therefore it stands to reason your choice was because it was a better fit with your personal 'life' schedule and skill sets! Oh and by the way, consistent posting no matter what frequency, provided it's not semi-annually, is a great way to maintain reader loyalty! The hallmark of any successful blog is typically found in the consistency of their posting schedule! This consistency allows for visitors to know what they can expect and when to return to view any new updates!


Consider for the moment how long you may spend 'toiling' over a pursuit or endeavor in a manner that was 'dictated' to you rather than selecting your own approach! To develop a successful blog you need to build reader loyalty and this takes time! Many bloggers grow impatient or disinterested over time which is why many of these sites do NOT have longer lives! The fact is that many 'shut down' before they give themselves a chance to be successful! If you expect to write content consistently and for an extended period of time it's best you do it 'your' way!

The frequency of blog posting at any given site needs to be determined by the talents and availability of the individual! Trying to write content at a pace 'dictated' by others tends to only set up the individual for failure! Remember, a successful blog is one that 'consistently' offers something interesting to read and not necessarily on a 'ultra' frequent basis! When a blogger is able to write content at a pace with which they're comfortable their writing tends to improve, as the 3 reasons discussed above explain! When all is said and done you'll find that every successful blog got that way due to the quality of their work and not the quantity of their output! Quantity make attract, but only for the short term, while quality on the other hand builds a more deeply rooted and longer lasting appeal!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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