Are you concerned your business is behind your competition when it comes to your efforts with digital marketing in Toms River? Are you also a small to medium business size so do not have an army of experts to turn to, to change things? Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is look for experts in digital marketing to support your goals. Here are some easy and actionable tips for digital marketing so you can stop getting it wrong and start getting it right!

1) Narrow down your marketing campaign!

A common mistake made is to have too much going on at once. Setting up 12 social media accounts, having a PPC campaign going, creating a very busy blogging schedule, redesigning your website, and more. Having too much going on means nothing is getting done properly. So focus so that you are not overwhelmed and you have time to give enough attention to them. Have just a couple of social media accounts at first, be consistent with your posts and build a following that stays loyal.

2) Choosing the right social media platforms

Along with the above narrowing down tip comes the understanding of each social media platform tip! Not all platforms are suited to every business. You might do a lot better on Twitter than on Instagram for example. Find where your audience likes to go and choose a couple of them to establish yourself. If you have chosen a place but you feel there is no real engagement happening move on and choose another channel.

3) Look at influencer marketing

If used correctly this is a powerful digital marketing tool. You pay online personalities or influencers to talk about your business and your brand. You have to know who those people are, and which ones suit your image and goals. About 30% of people are more likely to buy something if it's recommended by a non-celeb blogger, and 70% of millennials are influenced by recommendations by their peers.

4) An email list is still an important digital marketing in Wall tool

A lot of people today think they can forget the email list and focus only on social media, but social media is only one part of digital marketing. Your email list is valuable. Customers who have bought from you before are more likely to spend more through an email sent to them!

5) Content is key

There is an 80 to 20 rule for marketing that says 80% of the success you see will be as a result of just 20% of your marketing efforts. That includes the content you are posting online. Articles, blogs, webinars, videos, podcasts and so on. So 80% of that content needs to have quality, relevant information that is fresh, interesting, problem-solving and enjoyable. 20% of your content can be focused on promoting your business and brand.

6) SEO is important

SEO is something everyone or most people have heard of but many are not really clear on what it is or think it does not apply to them. SEO or search engine optimization is something every business and organization online can benefit from. Done correctly and well it attracts more visitors to your pages and those, in turn, may become customers. Essentially it is all the methods used to move your ranking on relevant search keywords up to a page people are more likely to click on. Keep in mind when people use a search engine like Google, almost three-quarters stay on page one of the search results. SEO includes website optimization, link building, device and page optimization, quality content. It is a big part of digital marketing in Toms River and beyond.

7) Make sure users have a great experience

The key to keeping your users happy and loyal is using digital marketing in Wall to enhance their experience. That means things like top quality content, having an intuitive UI, better communication options, having a fast loading speed, understanding your target audience, having a mobile-friendly website and offering them what they want!

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