Drinking tea can keep you healthy, but remember that drinking tea is also taboo. If you develop a bad habit of drinking tea, then things will be reversed.

Bad habit one: drink tea on an empty stomach.
Traditional Chinese medicine says that you should never drink tea on an empty stomach. This is because drinking tea on an empty stomach will dilute the gastric juice and reduce digestive function. Therefore, for good health, it is recommended that you not drink tea before meals.

Bad habit two: drink tea all over.
We all know that tea is generally brewed. The first tea is definitely not drinkable, that is, the first tea is not drinkable. This is because tea leaves are inevitably contaminated by pesticides and other harmful substances during cultivation and processing, and there is always some residue on the surface of tea leaves. Therefore, here is also the reason why you can wash your cup of bubble tea.

Bad habit three: drink tea after a meal.
Many people love to drink a cup of tea after a meal to strengthen digestion of food and achieve weight loss. But do you know the correct time to drink tea after a meal? One hour after a meal !!! This is because the tea contains a lot of tannic acid, which can react with the iron element in the food to produce substances that are difficult to dissolve. The consequence of tea is that people's bodies lack iron, and even induce anemia.

Bad habit four: drinking tea during menstruation.
Drinking tea during menstruation can easily induce or aggravate menstrual syndrome. Studies have shown that people who have the habit of drinking tea are 2.4 times more likely to have menstrual stress than people who do not drink tea. People who drink more than 4 cups of tea a day also have a three-fold increase in the risk of occurrence. Therefore, menstruation is not suitable for drinking tea. Women should remember to drink tea during the menstrual period.

Bad habit five: drink tea at night.
Drinking tea at night can achieve the effect of enhancing digestion of food. That's right, but not all teas are suitable for drinking at night. It is best to drink black tea at night. Because black tea is a fully fermented tea, the stimulation is weak. For those with weak spleen and stomach, you can add a little milk when drinking black tea, which plays a certain role in warming the stomach. The effect is very good. Second, when drinking tea at night, you should put less tea leaves, do not soak too much, so as not to affect sleep. If you often suffer from insomnia, then change the habit of drinking tea at night.

Bad habit six: I like to drink new tea.
It is not advisable to drink more new tea. New tea stored for less than half a month is even more inedible. This is because the new tea has a short storage time and contains more unoxidized polyphenols, aldehydes, alcohols and other substances, which have a strong stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa and are likely to cause stomach problems.

Bad habit Seven: Drink the same tea all year round.
In different climates, different festivals are suitable for drinking different teas, so as to play a good health effect. For example, it is better to drink flower tea in spring, green tea in summer, green tea in autumn, and Pu-erh tea in winter.

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