Covid-19 has changed the way of digital marketing for the years to come. When companies are focusing on improving the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns at a lowered cost, some innovative digital marketing tools recently emerged as a great help for marketers. All the leading online marketing companies trust these tools to improve the results of SEO, SMO, and digital marketing packages.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Tools
Digital marketing tools help not only the digital marketing agency but the businesses also.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Tools for businesses:
• Lead generation
• Improved conversion rates
• Higher Revenue
• More affordable than traditional marketing
• Higher ROI on marketing campaigns
• Knowledge of the target audience
• Faster results for sales, product/service/event/offer promotion
• Mapping of results for future marketing plans ……

Benefits of Digital marketing tools for Online Marketing Companies:
• Lower cost of marketing services for a competitive edge
• Tracking of activities and outcomes
• Time-saving
• Monitored & regulated activities
• Database for reliable reporting
• Real-time insights for the specific markets
• Knowledge of competitors
• Improved technical excellence ……

Seven the Best DigitalMarketing Tools to Help You Grow In & After 2020:

Test My Site:

The numbers of mobile websites lose almost 50% of potential buyers because of the slow speed. This free to use tool helps the SEO companies and web owners check how fast the website appears, as well, it provides Google oriented tips to make the website faster.

Google My Business:

You might be missing free to cost benefits of advertising on Google by not listing your business on GMB. GMB listing comes with the privilege of having Google+ Page
for the business to draw the attention of local buyers.

Google Webmaster Tools:

It is a free suite of tools that help to assess the performance of the website. These tools help you to find out the issues including malware and spam problems harming the performance of the website. GWT help the marketers and web owners to optimize the website for the trending queries.

Google Marketing Platform:

It is a paid suite of tools that help to have deep insights into marketing challenges to plan for target digital marketing. It comes with analytics and advertising tools like Tag manager 360, Analytics 360, Display & Video 360, optimize 360, Search Ads 360, and more.

Google Trends:

Do you know what the keywords are trending? How should you update the website content for the most popular keywords phrases that keep on changing because of the ever-changing buying behaviour of customers? Google trend free service by Google analyzes the current popularity of a specific keyword/phrase on News search, Web search, Google Shopping, YouTube search, and others.

Google Alerts:

It is a must to use a tool that helps you assess the online reputation of a business. Once getting listed for google Alerts, you start getting automatic alerts about the particular domains of interest.

Google Blogger:

It is a free facility provided by Google that facilitates to set a blog to inform about the latest developments in the businesses. The engagement with potential buyers builds and strengthens the brand image.

Concluding Note:

Google is on the unabated spree to deliver the precise, genuine and relevant information at the least efforts to all the users. Using Google tools like AMP Test, Structured Data Testing Tool, Rich Results Test, Tag Manager etc in addition to above-mentioned tools designed for results delivering marketing through SEO, SMO, email, advertising and any other channel has become a necessity for the digital marketing services providers to keep the cost of digital marketing packages competitive.

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