Nowadays, our body always struggles from different things such as pollution, extreme weather, inconsistent nutrition, stress, etc. We usually think that we can’t do anything with this, but actually some simple lifestyle changes can improve our lives in a better way. Check out these simple pieces of advice from the top specialists at best salon in New York.

#1 More water!
The first thing you should do is to provide your body with enough amount of fresh water. Drink 6-9 glasses of fresh water per day and more if you’re doing sports. This simple tip will help your body always stay moisturized and healthy.

#2 Don’t skip breakfast!
A cup of coffee and a cigarette isn’t a breakfast! Make a golden rule for yourself to have breakfast every morning: oatmeal with milk and berries can be a perfect decision which will provide your body with all essential nutrients for all morning.

#3 Healthy snacks
You should know that chips can’t be a healthy snack for your body. Try to provide your organism with natural oils, vitamins and minerals by eating nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables. Just a handful of sunflower seeds with two apples can totally nourish your body for all day.

#4 Avoid coffee
Did you know that coffee provides us with energy only for 10-15 minutes? Coffee can’t imbue your body with energy for all day, it also provokes over dryness and stress during the day. Actually, there are so many natural products which can provide you with essential vitamins and give you energy for 100% as well. Try to drink fresh juices from tangerine and orange, you can also taste green smoothie from cucumber and parsley; moreover, if you want something sweet try to drink a super tasty smoothie from berries. Thanks God, we have different cafes where we can buy these super raw drinks!

#5 Don’t eat at nights
If you want to look gorgeous in the morning you shouldn’t drink and eat before going to bed. The last meal should be at 3-4 hours before sleeping and it should be something healthy like fresh fruit, vegetables or yogurt. This simple tip will help to give a rest to your stomach during the night; moreover, you will never have a puffy face and eyes and your body will look amazing as well.

#6 Step away from the desk
If you have a ‘sitting’ job behind the computer, you should give yourself a break every hour and make a simple activity. You can jump for three minutes, turn for a while, stand on one leg or just go outdoors and breathe a fresh air. No matter what will you do - just step away from your desk!

#7 Walk more
‘’I live too far away from the place of working, I am tired, my shoes are comfortless and blah blah blah’’ - people are the best at inventing the reasons why they couldn't walk more. You should walk more if you want to be healthy and gorgeous. Make a golden rule for yourself to walk at least 20-30 minutes after a work day, go to the park and give yourself a break, think about your life, plans for the future or just dream a little bit.

Give yourself a chance to feel yourself amazing and look gorgeous with these simple pieces of advice.

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