There's a powerful body of knowledge that shows you an ancient and profound way of understanding universal truths. One of the teachings has to do with the seven roles of souls. As you read about these roles from the Michael Teachings, see if you can discern where you fit in.This will help you to be fully clear about your life purpose.

Here they are:

King - A leadership role that might play out in the castle, in government, in the streets, or anywhere else

Warrior - A role that is powerful, assertive, persuasive that might take place on the battlefield, in the corporate boardroom of an ad firm, in internet marketing - or anywhere else.

Priest - An inspirational role that might take place on the pulpit, in the office of a healer, as an inspiring parent - or anywhere else.

Server - A great support position that might be one of Mother Teresa's nuns, a support person of a family, a waiter, or anything that holds the space for people to know their greatness.

Sage - A wise and fluent speaker who's never at a loss for words who might be the Oracle at Delphi, the anchor person of the evening news, the well-spoken member of the Senate, the teacher of the philosophy class - or anywhere else.

Artisan - The creative one who loves expression, perhaps a musician, artist, tattoo creator (or wearer), devotee of Beethoven or Elton John - or anyone else.

Scholar - This one is reasonable and loves knowledge, perhaps in the halls of Harvard or on Google or in the history class of your high school - or anywhere else.

So where do you see yourself in this map of soul roles? Could knowing it perhaps assist you in understanding more fully what you came here to do?

If you know there's something that you came here for, but you aren't clear what it is, the clarity can come.

What is it that you're hungry to express? Do you have a project or a life situation that's in seed form right now? Whether you do or don't, it's time for the expression of your greatness. Now is the time for you to come into your fruition. Whatever you may have experienced in your life at any time, no matter how many times you've tried and failed, no matter how many people have told you can't do it - or you've told yourself that you're not worthwhile - now is the time for you.

You have skills, talents, and natural abilities that are effortless and natural expressions of who you are. Through them, you're able to make your contributions to the world.

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