By now you may have heard the ultimate success story: the “man with the golden voice.” Ted Williams, a homeless man had a very special talent: he has the beautiful voice of a radio announcer and voiceover professional. Yet, he fell on hard times, took drugs and alcohol, lost his job and family, and resorted to living on the street and taking handouts on a busy street corner. Then, one day a videographer who had heard about the man with the golden voice, interviewed Ted Williams and discovered that Ted truly had a voice of gold and a personality to match.

The video was aired on a local television newscast and took off from there, appearing on other stations, YouTube and social networking sites. Other media stations started sharing Ted’s story. The video was put on YouTube and social networking sites started sharing his story. He started receiving hundreds of job offers, and now can pick and choose his opportunity and create his own success.

You don’t have to be homeless like Ted Williams to learn how to be successful. However, you face a challenging situations and not know how to pull yourself out of your situation. You may strove to create more success in your career or business and are looking for the tools to help get there. You can apply the following seven success secrets from Ted’s story:

  1. It’s Not What You Know, It’s Not Who You Know...
    I recite the old saying during my programs, “It is not what you know, it’s who you know.” In the 21st century, that no longer applies. A better quote for success in the 21st century is, “It is not what you know, it is not who you know, it’s who knows what you know.” Ted used his sign and his interview to let other people know he had a talent: his golden voice.

    The power was not in hiding his special gift; but in letting as many people as possible know about it. The same applies in the workplace. Your success is based on letting as many people as possible know about your skills and sharing it. Sharing your special talents will allow the right people to create more opportunities of success for you.

  1. Give People the Tools to Help you Be Successful!
    Ted allowed the interviewer to videotape him using his voice. This made it easy for the interviewer to advocate for Ted and find job resources for him.

    What tools are you giving others so they can help you achieve more success in your career, your business, and your life? You could use the tool of presenting in your meetings so that management can see your solution creation abilities. It could be taking charge on creating a cost-saving report that makes the team and organization better. It could also be volunteering for a challenging project within your organization so that others can see your special talents. Whatever the skill, create the tool or vehicle to let others know about your talents.

  1. Tell Your Story!
    During the interview, Ted Williams told his story of success, failure, and bad luck. He honestly and sincerely shared his passion for radio, his involvement in drugs and alcohol, which led to him losing his job, family, and everything dear to him, and how he was winning the battle to “stay clean.” His story touched the heart of all who heard it.

    What is your story? So many times we hear this when a person is overlooked for a promotion, “I should have got that job. My work speaks for itself!” It doesn’t, so you need to tell your story. If you are in the workplace, let management know how you overcame a challenge at work and what steps you or your team took to achieve success. If you are in business, tell your story to your customers about how you developed a quality product or service.

  1. Create Your Own Luck!
    Ted created his own luck by being prepared when the opportunity arrived. He didn’t say to the interviewer, “I am not prepared to share my voice with you today. Can you come back tomorrow?” Ted went with the opportunity and created his own luck.

    Are you planning too much for your luck? Luck is knowledge (or skills) and opportunity plus action. Create your own luck by seizing the moment when it arrives. By over-planning to create success in your life, you miss the opportunities for success and wonder why everyone else is achieving success.

  1. Ask for Your Success!
    At the end of the interview, Ted Williams said he just needed a break to get back into the radio and voice over business. That simple and clear request was very powerful, and he received numerous offers of employment.

    Many times people cannot or do not know how to ask for success. Sometimes it is because of no goals or unclear goals that people do not know how to ask for success in their life. Be clear and concise when you ask for your opportunity of success. If you want a particular job, go to your manager and express that you want that job. If you are in business, be clear and concise that you want the business. The most important point is…ask for your success. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

    Note: When asking for your success, make sure you explain what you will give in return for your success.

  1. Appreciate the Help!
    Ted Williams, in a very sincere way, said he would appreciate any help he could get in finding a job. After the job offers came in, he continued to express his appreciation.

    How do you show your appreciation when someone helps you succeed? Do you take the time to acknowledge them in public? Do you find a way to return the favor? Or maybe you do something extra that makes their lives easier? When you take the time to show appreciation for their help, the person appreciates it. They are most likely to share this appreciation with others, and other people will be more willing to help you succeed. Take the time to show appreciation.

  1. Give Others a Reason to Help You Be Successful!
    Generally, people want to help you be more successful. You just need to give them a reason to help you. If you work in an organization, another department might want to help you because it would achieve the organization’s overall goals, and your help might complete a project early. If you are a business, you might ask another company to form a joint venture with you because it would result in more business for both companies. Take the time to explain why it would be beneficial for the other party to help you.

I am sure that Mr. Williams will find the opportunities that will create success in his life. Apply the success techniques of the “man with the golden voice” and you will enjoy the golden opportunities that lead to more success in your life.

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