Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking is way up there with the fear of death. Apparently studies have shown that the Americans fear public speaking more than death, and that the British fear it only second to death.

That really doesn't surprise me. I used to be an actor, and I remember the first time I did my first professional soliloquy on stage, I was terrified! Then I remembered my training at drama school, to centre my self, and to breath in and out evenly. Every actor has nerves before going on stage, but they soon learn how to get into character by using certain techniques.

If you suffer from fear of public speaking, you can try the following tips below they will really help you immensely. Remember if this is your first time doing a speech the best thing to do is to accept that you aren't going to be as polished as a seasoned public speaker. If you have ever seen the movie The Matrix, remember where Neo tries to do a tremendous jump between two skyscrapers and he falls immediately to the ground? Well nearly everyone fails first time it's called learning what not to do. You'll get better as time goes on.

Some great tips to help with public speaking:

1. Don't take any mood-altering substances:

Most people believe that drinking large amounts of caffeine, alcohol, or smoking cigarettes, or marijuana before speaking will calm them down, or improve their speech delivery. The thing is these substances don't. They are just an emotional crutch.

2. Try not to eat before your speech:

A full stomach will greatly decrease your energy level and your ability to concentrate. This is because your body is too engaged in digesting food. Anyway you don't want to pass wind while you are doing your speech!

3. Make sure to Look your best:

Wear clothes that are appropriate to the occasion. And make sure you are clean and tidy. When you know you look good you automatically feel more confident.

4. Introduce yourself:

A good way to ease your nervousness before going on stage to do your speech, is to introduce yourself to as many of the audience as you can. Especially those sitting in the front row. While you are doing your speech you can look at these people in the eyes just for a few seconds. Doing this will increase your rapport with the audience as well as making you feel more comfortable.

5. Don't just go up to the platform and start your speech:

First centre yourself on the platform by standing with the spine erect and shoulders relaxed. Then look to the back of the room and find a spot that you can look at just above eye level. Look at this spot for a few seconds while breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth evenly. Then bring your eyes down so you can see all of the audience even the ones at the side of you. Keep this peripheral vision going all through your speech. (Peripheral vision means to be able to see what's in front of you as well as what is at the side of you.) Using this peripheral vision technique will help to keep you focused and relaxed. Remember while you are centring yourself visualize a positive outcome.

6. Don't memorize your speech word for word:

Just write out some bullet points of the main ideas you need to cover. If you follow a written speech you'll bore people to death. Anyway a little spontaneity will add interest to your speech.

7. Turn up at least half an hour before the event:

If you turn up early you can then get used to the space, and the platform you will be speaking from. Walk about the area you will be delivering your speech from. Make the space your own!

Finally, there are worst thing than making a speech I don't know what they are, but there are. Good luck!

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Dion Daly is a certified trainer in hypnosis, a master practitioner in NLP and TLT. He also has a degree in metaphysics.

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