When I first started off as an app developer; I did not know where to get started from it was a long time ago over 12years. It took me a lot of trial and error until I built my first app. After a few years later I became a project manager in app development company in Australia.

Let's get started; I will share with you what I think is the first seven steps you should follow as a newbie in the app development industry.

1. Know what you want.

The first thing I think you should do if to clearly define the types of app you want to learn how to build. You might want to make all kinds of mobile app, but place them in priorities. What do I want to learn first? Do you want to start off as a hybrid app developer, do you want to develop ios apps or Native Android apps and so on. Do not be confused about it, you will eventually learn all with time, but start with one.

2. Watch video tutorials

I have a reason for saying videos instead of just any type of tutorials. I think the first helpful tutorial you should place your hand on should be a video tutorial. These are my reasons:

a. Videos are easier to understand because it provides visual expression to the subject matter
b. Videos are faster to understand.

3. Try out the samples

The next thing I think you should do is to try out the examples you have seen on the video tutorial. Just do not feel bad when you are not getting it right, try again and again till you get it examples and exercises correctly.

4. Conceptualize your idea

Here I mean you should put the idea app you have on paper, make some drawing how you want it to look like, put the button, the images and text and draw out everything in your mind out.

5. Prioritize

Know what to do first, I mean what to code first, the order of your development. Do you want to start with building the graphics assets or creating the class? Research about the different task and choose the easier one first. That would encourage you as you work; because you have gotten somethings working before you meet the difficult task.

6. Get your hands dirty

I think the next thing to do is to get your hand dirty coding. Do not worry about making mistakes, or not getting it correctly. Start to code what you have in mind.

7. Get support

While codding you should meet some difficult task, something you do not know how to do. What do you do then? Google it. I like supports from StackOverflow and Codeproject. When you google it, you will notice other had similar issues, and you will get a solution and continue.

After these steps and you still have issues starting off as an app developer, then I suggest you hire cheap app developer for your project.

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