These seven steps might help you in your quest to keep your brain working at optimum.

1. Engage in a Regular Exercise Regimen.
Do simple exercises like a simple walk or jog. It may not be as intense as a full-blown work-out. You just have to keep your body physically fit and active. Simple work-outs may trigger the release of neurochemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for making us feel happy and by feeling happier, a more positive effect on the brain can be observed.

2. Supplement your Diet.
Natural supplements are believed to have a good effect on the brain. These supplements not only keep your body healthier, they also maintain the fitness of your brain; thus resulting to better brain power! These supplements are so popular that they can be found anywhere, from your local health and food store up to the web pages of the internet.

3. Use your Brain.
If you are to exercise your body, you should exercise your brain as well. Use your brain muscles more often – think and learn. You may read, talk with other people or even play educational games. Any activity that can keep your brain working effectively may be tried out.

4. Play Games.
Choose games that will definitely have a good effect on your brain. Avoid playing only games that are “no-brainers.” Nowadays, many computer games are designed to exercise your brain, so all you have to do is to choose well the games that you will play. Gaming consoles are also following the trend into increasing brain function. So, do your part, play games that will increase your brain power.

5. Enjoy an Educational Hobby.
Choose a hobby that will give you some lessons at the end of the activity. This will not be such a difficult task since most of the time, we learn something from our experiences. Just be sure to do things that are not monotonous. Your hobby should be something that will help you learn new things every time you engage in it. This way, you will be able to use some parts of your brain which are otherwise unused.

6. Sleep Well.
Sleeping is the time when your body rebuilds and recharges itself. Most professionals believe that you should sleep for at least six to eight hours a day. Aside from these hours, if you can try taking ten-minute power naps. After these refreshing sleeps and naps, you will surely feel energized for the activities of the day. Do not deprive yourself of sleep, your brain will function better with the proper hours of sleep.

7. Relax.
Because of the complexities of our society, your brain gets exhausted just as much as your body. So take the time to relax and purge your mind of the worries and stresses that might overwhelm your thoughts. You may want to try centering prayer, self-hypnosis, or meditations to give your mind a break from all the stresses of life. After the relaxation, you will feel that you are prepared to take on another challenging day! These are some ways to make better your brain’s health and performance.

Author's Bio: 

Charles Eduardos is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and an ordained minister with 33 years of experience in pastoral and evangelistic ministry. He is Pastor at Our Savior's Rocky River Lutheran Church, and also serves as Coaching Coordinator for the Northeastern Ohio Synod. He is an experienced Corporate Coach, trainer/facilitator Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who has worked with organizations (profit and non- profit) to support them in identifying and tackling their challenges. Charles is an attentive listener, who gives a different perspective to perceived barriers and provides an intergral direction, joining you on your journey.