A student with dysgraphia is likely to have a development delay. It may take some time to develop in this area.

Strategies for Children

Children do best with the dot to dot aplication of tracing letters just for practice. If the child cannot write or hold the pencil, an assistant or parent will have to use hand over hand until the child can trace the dot to dot letters for himself. Reinforce this training with alphabet flashcards.

The Multisensory Approach

You can purchase or make a set of alphabet sandpaper letters.
The child then traces the letters and say their names. This will help him/her see, say and touch to better imbed the memory of the letters into the brain. Next, the child can alphabet air trace with the parent. The parent trace the alphabet into the air, then the child traces it exactly as the parent does . If he/she gets it wrong, then the parentuse hand over hand air tracing with the child. Give lots of praise.

For Children & Adults

Identifying letters are important for writing

Parents can cut and identify letters from the newspaper to help spell words. Give the child some letters to spell. Use a matching set the parent has laid out for the child to copy. Next, let the child or adult copy a sentence that has been written. It will be very helpful to know your IQ to see if they can increase it.Don't forget to give plenty praise and rewards when appropriate.

For Children & Adults

Manual typewriter and computer keyboard are Assistive Technology that you can use to write with and learn how to type if you are high functioning. The child or adult can use the hunt and peck method. You may find a talking keyboard or communication board if you don't know English or can't write and are low functioning. If you are high functioning, you can use the computer with a suitable program for writing. Also, IPad and IPods may have apps you can get to help with writing.

Live One-on-one Help

Tutor or One-on-one help from the Special Education Assistant. You will be placed into a program to help you get to the next level. For the adult, the tutor you get can be a coach that will also help you get to the next level.

This last step is mandantory

Whatever method you use, it will not work unless you use consistency. Consistency is the oil that turns the wheel.

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