Diamond bracelets brings the consumer many years of joy and satisfaction. Care and attention and cleaning is necessary to keep it beautiful and lustrous as time passes.

Clean Jewelry On a regular basis

As the jewelry is used, the diamond can lackluster and lose its glow. This is because the build-up of dust, skin color cells and chemicals block the light from passing through the stone. This is especially true for a diamond proposal ring since it is in constant contact with the body and used almost each and every day. Clean up the rings at home by mixing up one part ammonia to 6-8 parts of drinking water. Let the jewelry soak and use a very soft brush to gently rub the entire piece. Before saving, make sure that it is completely dry by rubbing it with a soft wash cloth and allowing it air dry. Moisture can tarnish or pit alloys.

Avoid Harsh Compounds

Do not forget to take diamond rings off before working with chemicals such as home cleaners. Chlorine bleach may discolor steel and damage the jewellery mountings. This is why, don't put on expensive jewelry when swimming in private pools treated with chlorine. Use jewelry after using make-up, hairspray or any other cosmetics. Keeping away from contact with nasty chemicals can help diamonds keep its beauty.

Keep Jewellery Protected

Take the diamond jewelry off before working on rough labor or playing sports. Do not wear the jewelry when doing any activity that might cause impact. A tough blow could jar diamonds loose from their settings or chip the metal. When taking off or wearing, do so over carpet to lower the effect if it should drop.

Perform Home Inspections

Once per month, examine the jewelry for any free stones, cracks or other problems. This is particularly important for diamond wedding rings that may have several side gemstones. Bring concerns to your skilled jeweler for assessment and have any issues fixed.

Store your diamond jewelry Properly

Ideally, any piece should be saved separately to avoid dulling and damaging. Cover each piece of jewellery in a soft fabric or place in its own pouch so that parts don't tumble together. If it is manufactured of silver plate, keep the expensive jewelry in a baggie that sales techniques tightly. Air can oxidize the metal and cause tarnishing.

Secure the Whole Piece

When cleaning in storing expensive jewelry, don't forget all the parts of the piece. Guard the metal from damage by chemical compounds and scratches. If the expensive jewelry has many types of rocks, use cleaning methods for the weakest gemstone. For example, opals are more smooth and porous compared to diamonds and cannot be cleaned with ammonia.

Get Annually Check-Ups

A few jewellery, like a diamond ring, is generally worn on a daily basis. This kind of topics it to a myriad of problems, even after precautions have been used. Take diamond jewelry to some local expert jeweler once a year to have it cleaned and fully inspected. They can check that all prongs and configurations are still in place and also the material or precious stone is not cracking. A professional washing will get out grime that can cause damage and buff out scratches in the material.

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