If you try to look around maybe you will see an employee who has been employed for years but it seems that he hasn’t achieved that much. He is still the same employee who receives a certain amount every month. Another is the typical story of an employee who looks so dignified and works in a large and magnificent office but if you look at his pocket you will see not even a single penny. These frustrating situations seem to last for years or more.

Are you in that kind of situation? Do you want to be out of this situation but you just can’t because you can’t think of any other option? Well, here’s the solution: be an entrepreneur.

Are you thinking twice? The following reasons will explain why you should be an entrepreneur. They can even help you make up your mind:

  • You are the one in command. Being an entrepreneur or being a small business owner gives you a right to be the boss. Here, there is no need for you to obey someone who thinks he knows everything more than anyone. You will make your own decisions and you can do all the things which you think will be good for the business.
  • You are using your talents to your advantage. Having your own business is a great means for you to show your creativity and your talents without having to ask for a boss’ consent. You are now using your talents for the sake of your own business.
  • You hold your time. If you are an employee, you will work for a minimum of 8 hours straight. But if you are an entrepreneur, you hold your time. You are free to do anything while you are managing your business.
  • There is no retirement. You are obliged to retire at the age of 65 if you are an employee. You will not get all your benefits if you will not reach this age and you cannot exceed if you still want to work. But if you have your own business, you can still work for as long as you want even beyond 65 or you can retire early as long as you have achieved all your goals.
  • The growth is continuous. If you own a business and you are good in handling it then the opportunities will be unstoppable, unlimited, and continuous.
  • You will be helping others. Since you are building your own business then you will be helping the community and the people inside it by giving them a job.
  • Your success will be an inspiration to others. If the people around will see how much you have achieved then you will be an inspiration to them. Because of you, they are inspired to work harder.
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Donna Price is a Success Coach, author of “Launching Your Dream” and “Bizology.Biz – The Science of Business Success”. As a Success Coach, Donna works with individuals and groups on personal development and success focus. To pick up your Entrepreneur’s Resource Guide go to: http://www.resourcesforentrepreneurs.com

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