Below are seven secrets to brighten your existence and renew your hope this year. When you practice these steps your life will shift as you make space for more miracles. Miracles can be a big, or, just a small change. Pay attention as they occur. You’ll enjoy greater clarity and a more miraculous life.

1. Meditate Daily. You don’t have to be a yogi to sit and listen. Honor your spirit by witnessing the stillness with a mindset of sincerity and gratitude. With practice the noise will silence itself. Slow down the chatter and listen to your higher guidance and wisdom. The answers you seek are within if you allow yourself to become a channel for clarity.

2. Choose a healthy holistic lifestyle. When we rush from moment to moment we lose out on life. Gradually abundant health can slip away. Eat whole foods; take a daily walk, exercise or do yoga. Time is a gift. You cannot make time, but you can use it to take action. In action, synchronicities will begin to flow. You’ll discover the desire to keep taking care of your body naturally.

3. Communicate with your body. Listen to your pain and love it. Pain is your body’s way of communicating. Your awareness of the body-mind-spirit connection will skyrocket your healing. When you become ill or have a headache, it’s your body’s way of saying you’re neglecting your very existence. Instead of fighting the pain, love it on all levels. Your body is a timeline of your existence and a representation of your life. Treat it well.

4. Do not focus on your past hurts. Everyone suffers wounds from the past. By holding onto negative emotions from your past, you create situations that dredge up old, unresolved questions again and again. Let go of any judgment and accept yourself entirely.

5. Release Stress. All stress is self-imposed. Where you find stress you’ll also discover feelings of victimhood and anger. No one has authority over you unless you let them. You have the choice to use your free will to remove yourself from the situation, breathe deeply and let go of the stress.

6. Clean House. It’s always a perfect time to start anew. Remove all clutter from your home, your car and your surroundings. It is liberating to clear out and simplify your life. It creates balance, harmony and a wonderful sense of well being and clarity. Release what no longer serves you, inside and out.

7. Buy a journal to write down your thoughts, goals and intentions. Make sure they’re in alignment with your core values. Writing everything down is a big step toward achieving what you want. Write in the present tense and in detail. Start visualizing your outcome. Practice the future and become the powerful leader you’ve always known you can be.

The path of change and personal growth can be one of two steps forward and one step back. When you observe yourself inching backward don’t give up. Just know there’s more growth and changes coming. As you shift from where you’ve been to where you are, you will notice greater clarity in how you think and solve problems. This clarity will help you effortlessly feel more peace, joy and abundance.

Author's Bio: 

Lauren Larsen is a holistic clarity consultant specializing in energy medicine, healing and spirituality. Born an empath she quickly learned that she had a gift to be of service to others. Her integrated approach has made her a powerful master healer teacher using clairvoyance and medical intuition. Her compassion and love of mankind has truly enhanced her abilities to manifest growth for herself and others. Lauren is a Clarity Life Coach, Reiki Master, has a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic, New Thought Metaphysics and is an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry. She is currently achieving her Master's degree in Divinity. She can be reached at