How are you treating the temple that your spirit lives within? Each one of us living on earth is a spirit living within a material/physical body. The body is the temple within which the spirit lives during a life on earth. Some of us treat our bodies well while others do not. Food is the fuel that keeps the physical body alive. Eating healthy is important for the health of the physical body.

Here are seven suggestions for healthy eating.

ONE: Remember to have an attitude of gratitude.

Be grateful that you are alive. Give thanks for your body and make a promise to yourself each day to treat your body well.

TWO: Make great choices as you create your financial budget.

What is more important than eating healthy food? Why would any of us want to spend money on clothes we do not really need when instead we could be buying the highest quality of fresh food? If you are on a tight budget, shop the sales. Buying good food is an investment in your future. Without good nutrition, your body is going to suffer and your future depends on your health.

THREE: Cook, even when you do not feel like it.

Most of us can’t afford to have a cook or eat out everyday. In order to eat healthy, we need to cook healthy meals. One way to enjoy cooking is to listen to wonderful music while preparing a meal. Or put a headphone on your phone and make a phone call to a close friend while you are cooking. (Just be careful to watch the stove while laughing with a friend.)

FOUR: Set a limit on treats.

If you want to be a healthy weight, then you have to set a limit on treats such as sweets, fatty foods and alcoholic drinks. Of course it’s great to have a candy bar or a glass of white wine. But treats need to be what they are called: treats, and not consumed every day and at every meal.

FIVE: Learn to say “no” to those who try to force you to eat more than you need.

It becomes very difficult to say “no” to friends and family members who love to cook and want you to eat a huge amount of food. When invited to dinner, ask if you can bring the salad. Then when you serve your plate make sure that at least half the plate is filled with salad and any vegetables that are being served. Try to eat small portions of high calorie foods served. And when the host tries to make you eat a second helping, remember to say “that was an incredible meal and I can’t eat another bite!” After you say that, stick to it and don’t start nibbling.

SIX: Avoid eating more than you need as a way to solve emotional problems.

For some of us, a huge piece of cake tastes better than ever when we are feeling down. But we have to remember that whatever our problems are, they are going to be worse if we also feel bad about eating too much. Reach for a cup of herbal tea instead of a candy bar when you are feeling blue.

SEVEN: Make a spiritual commitment to eating well for the rest of your life.

Once again, be grateful that you are alive. Know that the best way you can give thanks for the life you are living, is to take care of the body that your spirit is living within. With a healthy body you will feel better mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will be able to make better choices for yourself, your family and for your world.

Psychic Medium and Author Carole Lynne

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