Skin tags affects anyone no matter what the skin type is. They are very disgusting small piece of skin that hangs from your skin. One thing you need to be aware of that skin tags are never prevented; you can only treat or get rid of them once they attack you. Even though skin tags are harmless to your body system, they can cause embarrassment as well as frustrations. They lower your self esteem and prevent you from having fun or associating with your friends. Skin tags attack no specific place of your body; they can appear anywhere on your skin.

One good thing about skin tags is that they are easily removed from your skin. You have an option of removing the skin tags by yourself or seek the doctor’s help. The latter is a bit expensive then the former. This page briefly discusses some of the natural procedures you can follow to get rid of skin tags.

1. Use Bloodroot Paste

This is a type of plant found in North America from which you can make a thick paste that you can use to get rid of skin tags. Then use the paste to cover the skin tag with the help of a band aid. If you have been worrying of how you are going to get rid of skin tags most effectively and faster then this the best option for you. It is considered generally to be harmful to the health of the skin.

2. Try Comfrey

Comfrey is among the most effective herbs for treatment of many skin conditions including skin tag removal. This is a perfect method of removing skin tags the natural way. Although this method over effective, pregnant women and children should never try it.

3. Use Garlic

Besides offering antifungal, antibiotic, and antiviral activities, garlic is popular in getting rid of skin tags as well as curing many skin conditions. All you have to do is cover the skin tag with a small slice of garlic and tape it every day before retiring to bed and remove it in the morning. After about two to three days, the skin tags will be gone; never proceed with this procedure for more than three days, it might cause some irritations.

4. Use Tea Tree Oil

In addition to being famous as a great remedy for various skin conditions such as acne, the tea tree oil plays an important role in removing skin tags. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil on an already cleaned and dried skin tag using a clean piece of cotton wool. After repeating the procedure about twice per day for a few days, they will fall off.

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