The most crucial stage of winning a legal case in India is finding the best professional lawyer suitable for your lawsuit. It can be puzzling considering the abundance of legal talent, but it is necessary to research the available lawyers' expertise and experience.

Important measures

Finding a reasonable attorney may be a time-consuming process, but it will be worth winning the case. We are here to help you speed up the process and inform you about the various essential steps to find a lawyer according to your needs.

• Make a note of the type of lawyer you need — for example - Criminal lawyer, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, etc.

• Contact your city court or look up lawyer listings online. Remember to crosscheck more numerous websites. You can also ask your family, friends, and relatives for recommendations or contact a lawyer you know personally.

• Make a note of all the lawyers you have discovered in your area through various sources.

• Look up their websites or pages for more information such as FAQ, experience, wins, blogs (if any), etc. Always prefer lawyers with 3-6 years of experience.

• Contact the lawyer and schedule an online or offline appointment. Attorneys usually offer consultations for no charge. Search thoroughly.

• List out all the questions you want to ask them and ask many questions to confirm their expertise. Remember to ask them about their charges, accessibility, misconduct cases, performance time, and win rate in cases like yours.

• Be completely transparent about your case. Bring along documents that might be required. Attend all your consultations to make a wise decision.

• Ask the lawyer about your odds of getting bail from the supreme court.

• Before making the final decision, understand how comfortable you feel with the lawyers. Choose the lawyer that understands your needs, and you feel comfortable enough to be transparent.

• Negotiate your fee. Lawyers do not mind negotiation up to a definite limit. Do not choose a lawyer you cannot afford.

• Always sign a letter or contract that confirms your deal of confidentiality and the conditions discussed.

Role of Lawyers in Bails and Petitions

The primary role of a lawyer is to defend your lawsuit in the Supreme court and help you get bail.

• Curative Petition – A curative petition gets filed after a review plea against the final conviction is dismissed. It gets entertained if the petitioner's lawyer establishes that there was a violation of the principles of natural justice and that the court did not hear him before passing an order. The lawyer needs to prove the rarity of the case for the petition to stand.

• Transfer Petition – Individuals can file a transfer petition to the Supreme Court if they have an issued application regarding the wrong decision. It calls for a lawyer's understanding that the sheer accessibility of the parties or any one of them is not adequate for power practice. However, it should appear that the trial within the chosen discussion can lead to a denial of justice.

• Anticipatory Bail – The lawyer must get their client an anticipatory bail from the supreme court to prevent the violation of their client's liberty. No person should be deprived of their freedom or detained unnecessarily. The Supreme Court of India pays special attention to make sure of the fulfillment of this clause.

Often, people need lawyers not to fight their case, but for legal advice. Selecting a good lawyer is equally important for that also. There are plenty of lawyers available in India, but the number of efficient lawyers is pretty low. Therefore, it is necessary to have a thorough research about the type of lawyer you want. Choose wisely!

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