Sex Positions That Give Multiple Orgasms: Best Position To Make Her Come

Having sex all night will make your relationship strong and wild. Multiplying her pleasure will make your night a wild one. To have maximum orgasms you can try different positions which can satisfy your partner.

Giving her multiple orgasms is one of the ways where she can enjoy sex. A good foreplay can also help in reaching for a multiple orgasms. To have maximum pleasure it is essential that a guy should take control and react accordingly.

There are various positions which can be practiced top get full satisfaction while having sex. Such positions are one of a kind and they can suit your partner in some ways. They can be found on the internet also, these positions are unique and give full satisfaction.

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- Girl on top position is a famous one. It is a sexy feeling for the girl. They feel excited and touched in this position. You can try this with your girlfriend or wife. This position will make her moan and shout your name.

- Lap dance is one if the sexiest position to have long lasting sex. In this position the girl has to sit on the boy's lap and rub each other. They can perform this position while having a bath. They can touch and feel each other's private parts and give pleasure.

- Another one is the chair position which can be mastered by many ways. All you need to do is sit on a chair and let the girl do the spicy part. She can rub herself on top of the guy's body and get some pleasure.

Standing position can be fun if it's done under the shower. You can add up some spice to your relation by having a bath together. During this time you can have nice wet sex under the shower.

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In this article you are going to discover how to give your woman INCREDIBLE sexual PLEASURE, not just once -- but over and over again. The way you do this is of course, by giving her MULTIPLE ORGASMS.

Please follow this closely because 95% of men just don't understand what I'm about to share with you...

The Problem With Clitoral Orgasms

Clitoral orgasms are wonderful.

They give women a lot of sexual pleasure and as a man, you should aim to give your woman a clitoral orgasm every time you make-love to her. (You can do this be giving her excellent ORAL SEX or by stimulating her clitoris with your fingers).

So far so good.

But, there is a problem with this type of orgasm and here's what it is:

After a woman has a clitoral orgasm, her clitoris usually becomes really sensitive. Way too sensitive to stimulate any further.

What this means is that women can usually only have one clitoral orgasm per 'sexual encounter'. In other words -- if you want to give your woman MULTIPLE ORGASMS, you need to 'get her off' in other ways.

So the bottom line is that the clitoral orgasm is great, but it's not the only type of pleasure you need to give your woman.

The Secret To Multiple Orgasms

You could try to give your woman a nipple orgasm.

You could try to give her a squirting orgasm or even an ANAL ORGASM. "YES", really - those do exist.

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But here's the thing...

If you want to become GREAT IN BED and be the kind of guy that can totally blow your woman's mind, you have to do things in a sensible order.

And squirting, anal and nipple orgasms should come after the type of orgasm I'm about to share with you:


Vaginal orgasms are the secret to giving your woman MULTIPLE ORGASMS.

Here's why:

Once you give your woman a vaginal orgasm, her vagina does not become overly sensitive. This is in sharp contrast to what happens to the clitoris.

Can you see where this is going?

Yeah, you got it...

This means that once you give your woman one vaginal orgasm, you can then go ahead and give her another and another and another.

I've known many women who could quite easily have in excess of 10 of these wonderful orgasms every time they had sex. Needless to say -- these women were always way more sexually fulfilled than the average woman whose man is only giving her clitoral orgasms.

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You should talk about it before actually doing it- Sex is just not about getting physical with your mate. You see it's much more than what most people normally think it is. In order to make it great you should start by talking about it instead of actually getting physical with your partner. Mental stimulation is more important that physical stimulation but this is what most people out there ignore without realizing it's true potential.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Experimentation is always necessary- If you can not experiment then you will never be great in bed. Most couples out there often end up getting bored just because they never bother to experiment with new techniques. Humans being have a basic human need which is known as variety and this is why they say variety is the spice of life. Unless you add some variety in bed you will never experience any real pleasure.

Showing a lot of energy- This is the most important aspect of being great in bed. You see when you have high levels of energy and enthusiasm in bed your partner will feel it and the pleasure would double. The reason why energy is important as it would add the extra punch which you normally wouldn't get in bed.

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"Conversational seduction". Females love it when guys talk dirty to them. However, take extra heed when you talk dirty since some women are rather sensitive when it comes to a man's choice of words in the bedroom.

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"The cunning linguist". When you have finished fingering her, start to inch your way downwards. Once you reach her vagina, begin fingering her gently while give out a slow, sensual moan. Move your tongue around her clitoris while you put your finger slowly inside her. When she is very close to climax (you could usually know when because she'll start to tremble), insert your penis into her until she reaches that powerful climax.

"Kiss her!" Understand that ladies absolutely love to kiss; in fact, it turns a woman on. The majority of men do not know this, so they end up not spending enough time with kissing a woman as they should. One smart tactic would be to keep kissing her and wait for her to slip you some tongue. The minute she does this, pull away your tongue. She will begin feeling frustrated, in a sexually teasing way, and soon she will grab you for the kill in no time.

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