Sex and chocolate have a lot in common. They can be sweet morsels that soothe ones soul or addictions that ruin life. When one tries to fulfill their natural love of sweetness with chocolate or sex alone, one is left more nutritionally depleted than they were when their hunger started. We must have nutrients that nurture, heal and promote positive growth. People by nature seek what builds, sustains and uplifts. We need what makes us strong, happy and constructive, otherwise, the toll on our health and happiness becomes obvious.

Sweet indulgences are best when they are with someone who appreciates, admires and enjoys fulfilling as much as being fulfilled. If the emotional fulfillment is not there, it is common to see a person feeding fat cells and emotionally starving.
Do you share sweet morsels with someone who doesn’t care how you feel, someone who disregards your need for acknowledgement, appreciation and equal respect? Do you risk weight gain, loss of self esteem, and health problems because you think they will like you if you do? Do you like yourself? Do sweet indulgences build or diminish you?

Consider the presentation of chocolate. Is it served at its gourmet best, on a fine desert plate, cut from a delicate chocolate dream in a perfect slice, topped with a cloud of sweetness that is drizzled with an overlay of chocolate syrup, creating a picture of excellence? The taste of each delicious morsel is savored on ones tongue and becomes an unforgettable experience of delight, creating an indelible memory which is relived for years to come. Now consider approaching a fast food restaurant where someone reaches into their pocket and pulls out a half wrapped chocolate bar and offers it to you saying,” This won’t take long. Did it?” You ask yourself what you are doing there. You wonder if your time would have been better spent home doing laundry.

Sex by itself is like being offered chocolate from someone’s pocket. The lack of concern for sanitation, thoughtfulness, and personal appreciation that went into it, replace the magic of what could have been with repulsion and a feeling that “feeding from the trough” never feels like “fine dining”. Personal consideration, fulfillment and emotion do count.

If sweet indulgences bring more stress than personal fulfillment, you’re not living up to your own values. If you don’t value yourself, you allow others to devalue you. Insist on value. If it is not good for YOU, it is NOT GOOD for you. The quality of both sex and chocolate is determined by the quality of long term joy they give or take from your life.

Rebecca Kimbel
Area Gov. Toastmasters International 06-08

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Rebecca Kimbel MsCD
Distinguished Toastmaster
Area Gov. Toastmasters Internsationa 06-08
Area Gov. of the Year Dist.57
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