Phone Sex and Sexting have become a huge part of our society over the past decade.

It has become such commonplace among young adults that no one is surprised when they run across sexually explicit material on another person's smartphone. They most likely do not even think twice about it. Older adults would probably cringe at the site of such images. Welcome to the new more sexually open generation where sexting is considered cool.

Unfortunately, with this increase in free sexting comes an increase in low-class, vulgar, and dirty websites that promote this kind of behavior.

Fortunately, there does exist some above average clean and classy sexting websites that promote professional adult entertainment in a fun and exciting way rather than by these trashy techniques. Most of them do require a fee of some sort but like anything else in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to adult entertainment.

Don't think sexting or phone sex is that rewarding, think again! It is one of the best types of sexual foreplay and role playing that exists.

I have personally had many, let's say euphoric, encounters while sexting and I always go back for more. I can say that I have never been disappointed by the quality and sexiness of the beautiful women and men that I have spoken with.

So yes, my secret is out. I am a bonafide bi-sexual, I enjoy the company of both men and women. I think many people do, they just have not begun to explore or accept that fact.

There are after all, hundreds of fetishes and unless you have actually tried to discover if you have any of them, you will never know. Sexting and phone sex just happen to some of the ones I have. There are many more, but we will leave that discussion for another day.

For today let me leave you with a story.

There was this guy that I had a huge crush on in my office. He was smart, cute, and had a flirty way about him. One day he called my home about a report we were working on. His voice on the phone was so sexy it drove me wild. One thing led to another and we started a phone sex relationship that eventually led to sharing sexy messages.

I could not wait to get home to "sext" with him.

When I finally built up the courage to ask him out on a real date, our sexting relationship ended as fast as it started. The connection we had with one another existed only on the phone. I cannot explain it, but it was a different world inside the phone. A fantasy world where either of us could say whatever we wanted and sex was all in the mind.

Sadly, our relationship did not and would never exist in the real world.

This is the true power of sexting.

Like mama always said, don't know it until you try it. If you are looking for something different why not try sexting and exploring your own fantasy world. My recommendation is to start with a professional sexter and work you way into the real world once you are no longer a sexting virgin.

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Sexting is an amazing way to open the dialogue for communicating about sex with your partner. It provides an easy to use medium that allows you and your partner to explore fantasies and desires without having to worry about the embarrassment, safety or outcome of the act itself because it is sex that is technically created in the mind. If you want to ensure that you are getting the most out of it, try it with a professional first. A good place for sexting & phonesex: