As the weather turns colder, couples begin to look indoors for their entertainment options, and what better way to spend a chilly evening than in the arms of a willing partner? For couples who are just getting to know each other and looking for ways to explore their new intimacy, as well as for more seasoned pairs who want to spice things up a little in the bedroom, these fall-themed ideas can create a new sense of excitement and enjoyment for the cooler months. A little attention to grooming and penis care can’t hurt in this respect, either.

Here are a few suggestions to get things going:

Dress it Up - Halloween is here, and with it the urge to be a little naughty, or maybe to take on some role-playing action. Couples can use the holiday as an excuse (if one is necessary) to explore some secret fantasies. Both partners should agree on the idea beforehand, so that everyone is comfortable with the proceedings. Once they have settled on a plan for the evening’s entertainment, they can either decide together how they want the play to unfold and choose their costumes accordingly, or they can agree to surprise each other and plan their disguises in secret. Better yet, it can be fun to have a supply of different costumes on hand so that they can mix it up or pick and choose as the play evolves.

Tricks and Treats - A little sweetness can add a lot to the sensual pleasures of a romantic evening, and couples can have a lot of fun incorporating fall treats into the action. Popping a candy in the mouth and then taking turns sucking on various body parts can be amusing, as can coating each other with chocolate, whipped cream or honey and then licking each other clean.

Fireside Adventure - For the more romantically-minded, an evening in front of the fireplace can be an incredibly sensual experience. A crackling fire, a pile of soft cushions and blankets (which can double as structural elements for experimenting with different positions) and a bottle of champagne on ice can set the tone for a long, leisurely evening of exploration. When the festivities are over, cuddling up together under warm blankets can be an amazing way to end the evening.

Where Should I…? For those who are feeling more frisky and playful, the following bedroom game can be good fun:

1. Write the names of various body parts on slips of paper and place them in a basket or jar.

2. Take turns with a partner, and reach for a slip of paper. Then roll a die, and read what is written on the paper.

3. The body part that is written on the paper should be "treated" by the partner whose turn it is for the number of minutes shown on the die (an alternative would be to use a small hourglass and treat the part in question until the sand runs out).

Getting the package party-ready

No matter how a couple decides to spend a cozy fall evening, making sure all of the body parts in question are ready for action is essential to the enjoyment of everyone involved. For men and women alike, this means cleaning up, and maybe a trim to make sure everything is neat, sleek and well-groomed.

Men can take their preparations one step further by adding a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to the mix. A quality cream that is enriched with vital nutrients, natural emollients and hydrating agents can leave the penis looking attractive and feeling supple, ready for anything that might happen during the fun and games.

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