In recent years, many male friends are bothered by prostatitis. There are many causes that can induce prostatitis, such as unhealthy sexual behaviors. To better prevent prostatitis, some of them may choose to inhibit the sexual experience. However, experts point out that long-term sexual repression doesn't seem helpful.

In many daily cases, the constant congestion in the prostate gland may lead to prostatitis eventually, and the same is true of long-term sexual repression. Many male friends have had negative emotions during this period. They have had sexual anxiety, low energy and low immunity, and they have become irritable and impatient. In this case, they are more likely to get prostatitis.

In addition, when these men are experiencing bad emotions, some bad habits may satisfy their inner requirements. So they have been more addicted to alcohol, tobacco and stimulating food. All of these thing can irritate the prostate gland, making it more likely to get congested and causing prostatitis.

Therefore, obviously, having sexual repression for too long isn't a good decision. And sometimes, it may lead to lower sexual desire and some sexual dysfunction, and even infertility in men. Doctors point out that sexual experience is an essential and indispensable part of our life, which can help people release pressure and get satisfied.

But both indulging yourself in sex and abstaining from sex are bad for human body and can induce prostatitis. Your sexual life must be moderate and healthy. Proper masturbation is also allowed for those who haven't had sexual intercourse.

In addition to some details of sexual behaviors, many unhealthy habits in daily life should also be noticed, which can easily lead to prostatitis. For example, sitting for too long, holding back urine too often and paying less attention to personal hygiene.

When a man doesn't care about his life quality and indulges himself in some pleasant but unhelpful events, he is actually hurting his internal organs. Too much stress on the prostate gland can trigger prostatitis and other related diseases in the urogenital systems.

To make the prostate gland turn back to a normal state, many patients are likely to choose traditional Chinese medicine to get treated. In general, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can do a great job on treating prostatitis, which is safe and effective, and can improve man's reproductive system.

Treating prostatitis needs male friends to be patient and confident. Don’t complain about the doctor or the medicine if you don’t feel better after receiving the treatment for several days. It’s always a long way to go, especially for those who have chronic prostatitis.

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