Sexuality Identification System (SiS) A Gender Evolution

November 24th 2010, Toronto – President of DDP Consulting Services & Products Inc. and transsexual female Dina D Paige launches the Sexuality Identification System to the world today.

“The term “sex” to describe gender is no longer adequate for fully describing the diversity of the sexuality variant possibilities that exist today,” explains Paige. “A system is needed that would address the inadequacy of the current binary system and the term “sex” to describe gender.”

In September 2009, Ms. Paige developed the Sexual Identification System (SiS) which provides a more accurate gender identification for all individuals ranging from male, female, inter-sexed and post-op SRS individuals.

SiS uses colors to identify three values; Male, Female and a spectrum of possibilities in between defined as “Other” and 5 key identifiers (categories) as shown:


The colors, pink representing Female and blue for Male were blended to create purple for Other. The logo is a mobius, which in itself represents infinity. There is also an aspect that the three genders are linked in an embrace.

SiS offers an optional social aspect (Preference and Posturing) for the identification of sexuality diversity. For example, how does a bisexual woman identify another within the realm of social correctness? How does a man identify that the woman he wants to buy a drink for is really not a woman? What about the man interested in meeting a transgendered woman? Through a system of color identifiers on bracelets, cards, rings, earrings and pins an individual can discreetly let others know what their sexual preferences are.

It is hoped that SiS will be naturally accepted as the common man’s language for understanding gender and lifestyle. The Sexuality Identification System may eventually catch on to be used by medical, government, institutions, organizations, businesses, social groups, clubs, youth, GBLT community, etc.

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Author's Bio: 

Dina D. Paige is an experienced transgender life coach devoting her life to transgender issues and people.
She has a specialized psychology degree, has worked extensively in the public sector and has lived a very colorful diverse life.
Her vibrant personality is tempered by her real experience in transgender life at all levels.
Currently she has a full time business devoted to transformation services which include consulting, coaching, tutoring, make-up, photography and products.
Dina D Paige lives and works in a studio in Toronto, Canada