The every day normal estimation of securities exchanged on the SGX a month ago remained at S$1.03 billion, which was down 3% from October's figure and 21% bring down from November 2017.

Add up to securities showcase turnover came to S$21.6 billion over November's 21 exchanging days, a 11% decrease over October and down 24% from a year prior. There were 23 exchanging days in October 2018, while there were 22 in November 2017.

From January to November 2018, the day by day normal estimation of securities exchanged remained at S$1.22 billion, a 2.5% expansion throughout the year prior period. Nonetheless, the normal volume exchanged of 1.8 billion offers is a 19.4% tumble from the initial 11 months of 2017.

Amid the initial 11 months of 2018, advertise turnover of securities exchanged was S$282.5 billion, a 3% expansion throughout the year back period. In any case, the total volume of 415.9 billion offers is a 19.1 percent tumble from the initial 11 months of 2017.

Stock exchanging represented the majority of the exchanged an incentive on the SGX, while organized warrants and day by day utilized declarations (DLCs) made up a littler part. DLCs were propelled on the Singapore bourse in July 2017.

Market turnover estimation of trade exchanged assets (ETFs) was S$146 million in November, down 40 percent from October's figure. On a year-on-year premise, the figure is 36 percent bring down contrasted with November 2017.

Market turnover estimation of organized warrants and DLCs was S$2.02 billion in November, 11 percent higher than October, and 6 percent over a year back.

The aggregate market capitalization estimation of the 739 organizations recorded on the Stock Market remained at S$949.1 billion as at end-November.

There were 112 new bond postings that brought some S$68.8 billion up in November.

Add up to subordinates volume was 19.6 million. The figure is down 11 percent from October 2018, however 9 percent higher year on year. October's volume of 22 million is an untouched high for the Singapore bourse.

Value Index fates volume was 15.1 million in November, down 15 percent from October however up 6 percent from November 2017.

FTSE China A50 Index fates volume was 8.51 million, down 9% from October however up 16 percent from November 2017.

SGX Nifty 50 Index fates volume was 1.59 million, down 27 % from month-on-month and down 16 percent year-on-year.

Nikkei 225 Index fates volume was 1.79 million, down 33 percent from October and down 23 percent from November 2017.

In November, the Singapore products subsidiaries volume was 1.88 million, up 28 percent month-on-month and up 32 percent.

Specifically, the volume of iron mineral subsidiaries in November was 1.61 million, up 34 percent from October's figure and up 32 percent from November 2017.

Forward cargo subsidiaries were additionally vigorously exchanged November with a volume 108,466, up 32 percent from October and up 96 percent from November 2017.

Certainly, the trade war has made a huge impact on world economic growth. Most of the Asian countries will show a slow down in there GDP growth as the tax seems higher on import and export .

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