SGX Nifty stands for Singapore Exchange Nifty. In Singapore, investors use the Singapore Exchange to trade stocks. The word “Nifty” refers to a stock index traded on the exchange. A derivative of this index is called the SGX Nifty, which is also traded on the Singapore Exchange.

The thing that is special about the SGX Nifty is that it synchronizes with another Nifty derivative that is traded on the National Stock Exchange. In case you don’t know, the National Stock Exchange is the main stock exchange used in India. Since many investors in Singapore cannot trade on the National Stock Exchange, they may invest in SGX Nifty in order to get more exposure to the Indian market.

The trading hours of the National Stock Exchange are shorter than the hours of SGX Nifty. If you were to trade futures on the National Stock Exchange market in India, you only have 6 ½ hours to place trades. As for SGX Nifty, traders get a whopping 16 hours to place trades. Even when the Indian markets are closed, traders can take advantage of the SGX Nifty’s longer hours and gain a lot of leverage there. For instance, if you wanted to check the sgx nifty live chart to see the SGX Nifty price, the time slot would start at 6:30 AM and end at 11:30 PM (Indian Time). If it’s Singapore time, the starting time would be 8:00 AM.

Singapore and India may be separated by the sea, but they still share the same continent in southern Asia. And since share trading has been globalized between the two countries, the stock trading in Singapore affects the markets in India and vice versa. The SGX Nifty and Indian Nifty stay synchronized for this reason. Trades on the SGX Nifty affect the Indian Nifty.

The main difference between the SGX Nifty and Indian Nifty is their volatility. Since Singaporean traders can trade SGX Nifty live at an earlier time, they can see updates to the SGX Nifty chart before Indian traders can see updates to the Indian nifty. While this may cause volatility, the main news of the day is really what influences both derivatives.

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