Have you ever thought you saw someone standing next to you, but when you turned there was no one there? Peripherally you may have seen what appeared to be the shadow of a person. The shadow could have been very light gray to dark gray. You may even have felt their presence at the time you saw them, which really makes the validation of your vision important. I want to validate and affirm what you are seeing. There really is someone there!

Anyone or anything that has ever been in physical form will appear dense such as a shadow. What I have learned from spirit is… that anyone who had a dense energy would appear a darker color. Also those appearing dark may also have been gone a relatively short period of time, whereas a shadow person who is lighter in color would have been more spiritually developed or has been on the spiritual plane for an extended amount of time.

One thing I normally recommend to those who are seeing shadow people is to try to keep their vision forward and look peripherally at the shadow person. Try it, right now. Looking straight ahead you can easily see peripherally things that are in the room with you. This is the same type of action you would take when trying to tune into or figure out who your shadow person really as. The hardest part in all this is to not look!
Keep in mind that the shadow person you’re interacting with could be a spirit guide or loved one, and congratulate yourself on being clairvoyant!

Lisa Bousson

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Lisa Bousson is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker and Instructor. With over 50 years experience, Lisa offers hope that our loved ones remain with us even after the change called death.

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