Shaktipat meditation techniques used by your realized teacher can very quickly guide you through the different planes, dimensions or worlds that make up our universe.
Eventually all of us will realize that our entire universe is one living, intelligent organism. There’s no separation or difference between you and a rock or a far off galaxy or another dimension. All exist right here, right now in one very alive energy field. Shaktipat meditation transfers from your teacher’s mind to yours will enable you to experience this oneness very quickly.
A simplistic view of our universe will help you understand your path to oneness. Physicists tell us that our physical universe comprises only four percent of the entire universe. That four percent includes all physical matter (stars and planets), light waves, X rays, radio waves and any other phenomenon observable or measurable by science.
Subtle energy, or energy particles too small for science to observe, comprises the other ninety-six percent. Our minds have what modern science doesn’t. Our minds are able to both observe and work with all energies. Shaktipat meditation will allow you to observe all subtle energies.
The subtle realms just above the earth plane are the celestial, or heavenly realms. There are millions of levels, each inhabited by living beings without physical bodies. All are on an upward path, but not yet finished with their own spiritual work.
Above these levels is the realm of ascended masters. These beings have already attained full realization and have no need for future rebirths. Along with angels they are there to help and guide us.
Above all is the source from which all energy, love and creation in our universe emanates. Once angels or ascended masters have guided you to the source, you have direct access to the most powerful energy in existence. Through using it in everything you do, you enter into the process of becoming an ascended master yourself. White light from the source brings you rapid transformation.
Below our earth plane are the lower realms inhabited by beings that have lost their way, overcome by ignorance, cravings or negative emotions. These layers are populated by demons and evil spirits. The deepest of them comprise the hells that so many people deny the existence of.
The most important facet of all subtle realms is that our awareness can observe them entirely. Our minds can control these energies to create anything we want. We can communicate with and learn from angels and ascended masters as they guide us to the source. We can observe and help beings trapped in the lower realms by cleansing and healing their energy systems.
You can learn very quickly how to observe and work in all realms through the blessing of mind-to-mind guidance from a good Shaktipat meditation teacher.

Author's Bio: 

Richard Crown is a Shaktipat Meditation teacher who spent more than thirty years in Asia. He has studied all the major traditional paths to Enlightenment and has chosen Shaktipat as it is undoubtedly the fastest. You can receive free Shaktipat transmissions and a free Ebook at his website