Hello and a hearty welcome.
This information I am presenting to you comes from the Inca Shamanic Culture and it’s teachings/practices energetic connections, and Love for the entire universe.
Are you ready to embrace new things in your life? If so keep reading.
These are up to the moment process’s for the energies that are now leaving our congested Planet and for the New Energies that are claiming residence in our Earth, our bodies, our lives, our experiences and the many facets that make us who we are.
My name is Aaron, the information you’ll be looking through today comes from a beautiful library. One comprised of this moment, here and now. So, before we go there. Please relax and get comfortable.
Please feel free to Turn down your distractions, take a deep breathe to feel the love and understanding filling your lungs. And as you exhale feeling your frustration from the day’s events, riding that very breathe into the cleansing wind. And go ahead take another deep breathe, and another.
As your eyes meet these words, your world is gently blowing into the breeze. As Sunlight floods through the room, until suddenly nothing is left of your world. The day’s events, last week, last year, the frustrations vanished. Are you noticing, that all of your thoughts about what to do next, where to go, what to accomplish have simply lost their importance and meaning. It may take a moment to feel it, that’s okay. As you look around you please notice the sweet fragrances. Allow yourself to sample the richness of the air your breathing. How soft and warm your skin feels. Notice your muscles releasing to rejuvenate themselves.
Ahh, feels so much better. So now that your truly here, Welcome.
If I may, open the portal to this library? Let me just, ahh there you go. Please step through the Heart shaped rock, you may get see a lot of stars and light as you transfer to the library. Have Fun. Be sure to greet your guide on the otherside.
As your foot finds a stable foundation on the other side of the doorway you find yourself in an immense Library in the study hall. There is a huge sculpture in the middle of the room that looks like a big + symbol. And waiting for you is a beautiful Peruvian woman with a gleam in her Eye and a contagious grin. Oh my goodness, I have been waiting for you. My name is Elena, she says with much excitement and enthusiasm. I am a Peruvian Shaman priestess, I carry the message of my ancestors, she exclaims with the raise of her brow. It is wonderful to finally have you visit the Study hall. We have to wait for another time to show you other areas of the library, but please come in find a seat and make yourself comfortable. We have a few more people coming in and then we can start. And as you look around the book studded room, you notice hundreds of people from all walks of life hustling to find a seat and shaking Elena’s hand.
Elena moves to the front of the class. And says oh welcome thank you so much for being, here. We all are so busy these days, but it is so important for you to discover what I’m about to present to you. It is so essential for your growth and well being. So let me bring you up to date she says after a deep breathe.
The Earth is aligning to higher frequencies. What this means is how we interpret our world is going to change, and we need to literally move quickly away from much of our mental approach and return to feeling the answers. Ever hear someone say it didn’t feel right. Better go with my gut reaction. Where’s the love? While these are great expressions, they really outline the essence of making choices in high frequency thus leading to abundance. At the very least create safe boundaries from people who aren’t looking for our highest good.
So there you have it, go turn the love into Planet Peace and have a wonderful day! And as she turns to leave a man pops out of his chair like it suddenly heated up. And he say’s "no disrespect, but if it were that simple would we even need to be here today"? She turns around and says does everyone feel that way? She says with a slight grin. Everyone nods. Okay so that is right. If it was that simple, we would be here for topics of a different nature.
May I introduce you to yourself, well really to the rest of yourself and everyone nods again.
Wonderful she Points toward the center of the room where a cross with a hole in the center graces the room. This is you, this how complex and wonderful you truly are.
What’s complex about a big stone with a hole in the center? Chimed a man from the back row. I am so glad you expressed your perspective, Elena said with authority. In everyday life this how the majority of us see ourselves. We are simply human, full of flaws, imperfections, mistakes. Look at the cross can you see the flaws, and deviations on the cross surface. Everyone agreed that they can. We have had illusions placed in our experience so we cannot see the depth of who we are. We are powerful beyond measure.
We contain in our true Nature 1.Love, 2.Trust, 3.Connections, 4.Acknowledgement 5.Protection 6.Awareness 7.Happiness 8.Passion 9.Expression 10.Responsibility 11.Productivity, 12.Present. A mist fills the room and shrouds the Inca Cross. Because of certain powerful events, our ability to connect with our true nature has been, blocked in some cases and limited in others. As the mist begins to fade with the frequency of Earth going higher, three things are happening. We get to see the blocks and limits that are impeding our progress, we get to see how we have engaged in our inheritance from powerful events long ago and chose to block or impede others. And third, we can also see that there our original nature waiting to embrace us. But we have to choose to take the journey. And it starts right here at the top or in the North towards the left or West. We begin At Love, and step down to the next edge which is trust, and from there into the next edge which is our connections. Moving from the NW to the SW we discover acknowledgement and to the next steps edge protection, and down one more to awareness. And from the SW to the SE we find Happiness, and up a step to the edge we our pleasantly surprised by Passion, and expanding from passion up to the next steps edge is expression. Moving from the South East to the North East is Responsibility, then up to the next edge Productivity which feels so good and then we move into the Present Moment. By moving into awareness of these energies of creation we begin to clear out and connect to the center or our Heart. And from their our choices begin to reflect the 12 elements of the Inca Cross.
Oh my gosh, a lady near the isle exclaims the cross is changing before my very eyes look, look. And as all eyes gazed upon the cross the lines became straight, the imperfections vanished and it shimmers like water in many colors. Welcome to the complexity and diversity of yourself. Elena exclaims. This is the Inca Cross, the secrets of the Chakana have been guarded for centuries. This cross or chakana is called the Inca Cross. It symbolizes that which is known to other cultures as the tree of life. It is a tool of creation. As Golden shimmering light moves throughout the room. Beings start to appear, these are Light workers Elena Explains. Light workers exist in higher frequencies than what were used to, they are the ones actually teaching this class, and I merely decode their messages through my heart and then I can present the message to you in ways you can digest it. Please welcome them, you will see or hear them from time to time. Welcome everyone chimed. My light worker wants you to know that We are going to working with ourselves today. Often times we look to others to support us in our endeavors, don’t we? And we get frustrated when they are busy in their own endeavors some not even for their highest good. So in this moment we are going to look @ working within ourselves, and to clear out energies, situations, and people who don’t have our highest good in mind.
As everyone gets excited about finding support and to get clear on what their endeavors are. Paper and colored crayon appears in front of everyone with the Inca cross and 12 numbers. Choose a color that feels wonderful and just start coloring out anything that is leaving you confused and agitated. And as the crayons begin to mark the surface the Cross in the center of the room began to match the colors people put on their papers. Beautiful reds, greens, violets, oranges, blues, begin streaking through the cross.
Go ahead and color out the perception that you’re a mistake. That you’re not tall enough, fast enough, smart enough, good enough, talented enough, nice enough, tough enough, pretty or handsome enough to have the experiences you want. Because please consider this, is it the car you want, the house you want, the spouse you want? Or is it possibly the experiences you can create with those things?
So as each of us is coloring and intending to clear the belief that we are a mistake, notice how your stomach is feeling, and after awhile it will feel a lot more at ease. AHHHH. So keep in mind there has been plenty of confusing energies the last few weeks causing people to feel like they need to find answers and this frequency can attract scarcity, so this is what were focused on today. As we finish clearing this energy. Be sure to pic a color and color along the outside of the cross a protective layer. These are boundaries designed to reflect your hearts direction and deflect outside disruption. It’s okay if your not sure what your hearts direction is for now, just have the intention that you will move in the direction of discovering it.
Okay, take a few minutes, and really be present to your work.
That is so Beautiful, Oh you are outstanding artists. With that take a deep breath. Let it go.
Wonderful I have so many things I wish to share with you, please come back soon. And I would love to acknowledge you. For so powerfully moving courageously into new realms of understanding and growth.
Have a beautiful day, walking in protection and discovering what you don’t want so you can feel what you truly do want. As you move towards the exit, love fills your heart and Elena and her light workers give you a heart-felt wave as you step through the portal , back through the stars , stepping firmly back into the room where your eyes began to fall upon these words, noticing your breath, feeling your body, noticing all that is around you. I thank you for stopping by, and taking time to support your Growth and Development. For questions, for more information about Elena, the Inca cross, or to have your very own Inca cross to color free, simply stop by ELENARADFORD.COM

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Hello my name is Aaron. Engaged in Shamanic practices for the past 5 yrs. More info, and free audio recordings @ blogtalkradio.com/elenaradford Also a Reiki Master. I Enjoy the Mountains, and learning sacred traditions and wisdom. I love peace and stillness. I strive to reconnect others to their happiness. I Write conscious poetry,understands the importance of dreams, and delves into deep levels of symbolism. I Work with the mystical.. The World of the Dragon.

Favorite Poem
Sun drenched Flowers in gleeful colors weaving aromatic displays of Magic along gently wind swept mountains, condor quietly circling as the shaman standing in ripening grasses full of new seedlings, as inch worms gently descend from the trees, breathes in this breathe taking creation and then breathes it back out again.~Aaron Waldron