Like all other aspects of Indian astrology, there are a number of mythological legends associated with Shani as well. Some of the most popular stories, defining his appearance, characteristics, and behavior are mentioned below.

Shani is the son of Sun God (Surya) and his wife Chhaya Devi, as per Vedic belief. He has strained relations with his father and hence is farthest from him. He is also the elder brother of Yama (God of Death), hence, sometimes Shani does the job of Yam by taking away the life. He is black in color, short in height and is lame due to an injury in his legs. Shani also embodies detachment and hence can help the natives gain knowledge without attachment. It is said that all saints definitely have Shani prominently in their charts.

A legend associates the power of Shani with the strong penance done by his mother Chhaya Devi when he was about to be born. As she prayed to Lord Shiva and did not bother about her own food or other discomforts, praying in the blazing sun. This caused the child to be born with a dark complexion. The exceptional power of the penance was also received by the unborn child – Shani – as well. Once, after he was born, he opened his eyes and his father Surya Dev was charred black. That is the kind of power that Shani Dev has and this also is one of the reasons for his strained relationship with his father.

He was also blessed by the Goddess Parvati with the power that every important aspect in anyone’s life has to have an impact of Shani, depending on whether he is in the ascendant of descendant.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.