Shaping our Destiny with Conscious Intentions

How can we stay motivated enough to CREATE CHANGE on a daily basis?

I’d like to share that the KEY (the not so secret – secret!) to staying motivated and inspired is keeping our goals and intentions very clearly etched in our minds! We must consciously choose to remind ourselves of our commitments, aims and focuses daily if we want to really make a difference in our lives.

One thing we can do on a daily basis is to keep a running statement going through our minds (or print it out and keep it posted on our desk, in our car, on our bathroom mirror, the refrigerator) that clearly states our intention! We can even add visual images/photos to that intention that can also be printed out and posted along with our intention statement. This daily focus keeps the momentum going!

The more positively we think about and focus upon our goals and intentions, the better we will feel. The better we feel, the more productive we become! If we make a commitment to affirming our intentions aloud each morning and evening, we will absolutely begin to see changes occurring in our lives. The act of voicing our intentions with power, enthusiasm and confidence out loud further solidifies our intentions.

We can also choose to imprint our goals and intentions upon our subconscious mind by imagining ourselves in very clear detail accomplishing the very goals we wish to actualize. The power of imagination and visualization is HUGE!

Another commitment we can make to ourselves involves actively doing something each and every day that will take us one step closer to our goals! Not only does this bring us closer to them, it also keeps them firmly entrenched in our mind.

Lastly, we must be sure to celebrate our mini successes along the way! Each time we make progress, we need to give ourselves a pat on the back! We can choose to treat ourselves in some way with each milestone. Having something to look forward to each time we make significant progress is hugely motivating!

Our outer success and inner peace are ultimately dependent upon what we think, say, imagine, do and feel each and every day. Since we are in charge of our thoughts, actions, and feelings, we can also be in charge of shaping our destiny and creating the powerful, positive changes that we so deserve!

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