Work takes up so much time that parents often feel they're missing out on their kids' childhoods. When you share custody, the moments you have with your child are even more precious.

If you feel that your job takes away more time than you're willing to give, consider switching to one of these four flexible careers. When you work at home or manage your own business, you can free up your schedule and have more free time to spend with your child when they're with you.

Teach English Online
Companies like VIPKID and DaDa English allow parents to work from home by teaching English to children in China. The hours are flexible and range from early morning to nights in U.S. time zones. This would be able to allow someone to work a night shift at home while the kids are asleep.
You don't need to be a licensed teacher to get hired, and the schools all provide an easy-to-use platform and curriculum to follow.

Become an Owner-Operator Truck Driver
Independent truck drivers can make over $157,000 a year. Running your own trucking business would give you the opportunity to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and prioritize your child when they're in your care. You can start by reading up on how to become a truck driver, look up used used freightliner trucks for saleLearn to Code and Program
Web developers are able to work remotely for a generous salary. You can learn to code online part-time while you work and land your first web development job within a year. There are plenty of resources to choose from that'll get you started such as Bottega, which is one of the few coding boot camps that also gives you college credit. Because there’s college credit involved you may be able to finance it through your local bank or credit union. This can be a great way to start a new career and be able to afford custody in a single parent home.

Get Fit and Be a Personal Trainer
You can get personal trainer certification online and help others live healthier lives. Personal trainers can make their own hours and teach classes, do one-on-one coaching or work at a gym or fitness center. Many personal trainers gain a local following online which translates to personal sessions and online training. There are a lot of options and flexibility when it comes to personal training, and if you'd like a career that keeps you active (literally!), this is a good option to consider.

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