Many new models of economy emerged now and payment through different means may hide credit crisis.

I know the status quo of India market because I have ever been a reseller there. The following is my experience with a customer representative when serving the terminal customer.

Daily necessities and commodities products are the major product for my business. Thanks to the local booming market, I found an extra China supplier and started several initial order trials. I was very glad to cooperate with the supplier because many aspects could meet my terminal customers’ requirements, such as delivery, quality, price, payment etc.

Sometimes the terminal customers may jump across me to contact the Chins supplier directly, since they may get competitive price with guaranteed products in good quality. The two parties conduct business directly for a long time, later; the china supplier told the issue to me and it really upset me. I appreciated the china supplier telling me the truth and the china supplier is still eager to do business with me since we have good transaction record prior to this issue.

In order to fight back against the terminal customer, I decided to launch a price war, which may not be fierce since I just dropped the price a little. I succeeded in the end.

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