Nursery or Pre School in Shastri nagar is renowned for its work strategies towards a healthy development of the kids who are studying there. These schools offer a secure and motherly setting for the growing kids. Children from 2 years to 3.5 years of age are enrolling in these pre school classes. Here the little ones would play appropriate games through which helps to train them for basic school learning oriented curriculum, and are also given nutritious meals in proper hygienic conditions. Each child would feel loving care and attention just like their home. Children would also please to see the large collection of toys and games which are suitable to their age and interests. Working parents are also feeling security while leaving their kids at the Pre School in their own absence for at least 5 hours a day.

Campus School is located at Ansal Avantika, Shastri Nagar, near F- Block, Ghaziabad. Campus School is stands for its wholesome quality, it provide education in an informal way, with caring teaching and non teaching staff environment. It is a complete package for the ICSE study curriculum along with various extra curricular activities for a better future of your kids. So without any hesitation you can try Campus School for your dear ones.

The school is well equipped with all those amenities which are being required for the students and staff on time to time. They are emphasis on right moral and practical values among the children. Children are always motivating here with equal importance towards studies and sports, music etc. in which their interests match.

All teaching and non teaching faculty are aptly qualified with having good experience are working here. They are well dedicated towards their duties for the children in making their better career oriented future. Classes have been extended from Kindergarten to XII standard and all the disciplines of subjects options are offered to student post class X which are basically based on today’s pattern of various career options related studies after 12th. The school has vast place is devoted to a sports field, cricket and basketball facilities to enhance the deep interest in students towards their sports devotion. And also motivates students to develop their interest in performing arts and literature.

Campus school is a complete English medium co education school. It is compulsory to talk in English in the school. The school is also providing a day boarding facility for the students who are seeking admission from outdoor stations.

Apart from campus lots of other Schools in Shastri Nagar are providing the A- grade facilities to the students. Theses are all well maintained in their infrastructure and genuinely following the code of conduct meant for the school norms in regards of staff and students. Time to time government inspections are maintaining the code of conducts and orders on these schools to avoid any ill treatment towards any of a person.

There are lots of Schools in Shastri nagar like Marigold Public School, Saint Marya Convent School etc. where you can enroll your child’s admission and avail the world class facilities there.

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