She didn’t know what she didn’t know. That’s what I concluded after chatting briefly with a woman who started her own business a few years ago. She had enjoyed a certain level of success but now found herself struggling with getting her products known. She hit a plateau.

She knew she needed to do something different. She felt that she may need to improve her public speaking skills which was what prompted her to talk to me at a recent event.

I mostly listened, hoping to understand what she needed.

Just as quickly as she admitted her need, she convinced herself that it would have to wait, explaining to me why it was more important for her to turn her focus to online selling first.

Then I understood... it was her mindset that was tripping her up. Her misconceptions about public speaking were blocking her.

She didn’t know what she didn’t know. She didn’t realize that whether her focus is online or offline, growing her business would require her to, first of all, find her voice, and create messages that were clear, concise and compelling. How she communicates will either build or break the listeners’ trust in her.

Her limiting belief about what it takes to grow a business today is very common. Most women entrepreneurs would agree that for a business to survive today, it’s essential to have an online presence.

However, the bad news is that the market is indeed saturated online (you probably already know this). So simply focusing on developing your business online is incomplete without an intentional plan.

Yes, like this woman, you’ll need to become known online, but how you’re viewed will require a communication strategy. Intentionally focusing on improving your speaking skills will help you achieve success sooner.

Even though it may seem crowded in your field, it is possible to stand out, if you are willing to explore what you don’t know and implement some very simple but powerful strategies to attract your ideal clients.

How you show up, what you say and how you make people feel are all worth examining.

More specifically, being able to speak in a clear, concise manner is absolutely critical if you want to succeed in the online (or off-line) platforms. The truth is that most women won't do the work required to crush it in a crowded market and to create the future they dream of.

They believe that public speaking is simply being comfortable talking to people and giving valuable information.

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