She really did love him. I felt very sorry for Claire (not her real name) because she had been through a great deal of heartache and worry and was only twenty, yet had never really experienced any real joy, peace of mind or love from anyone. Her parents had been very abusive, her family were cold, calculating and superior towards her. As a result of this she was very suspicious of people and never sure of who she could trust and as a result of this she could come across as cold herself. But what other people assumed was coldness was actually her putting up a barrier to protect herself from being hurt.

Everything in her life seemed to be drifting along in a normal way, with nothing in particular making her happy and nothing to look forward to. Until she met a man that she took a fancy to because he came across as level headed, mature, kind and honest. But because of her past Claire was very scared to trust him and she was so scared of being hurt that she fought the urge to speak to him. He took this to mean that she was not interested, he knew nothing about her family history or her life at home. Her only knew that he had tried to be friendly with her and after just a brief chat she had walked away. When he had tried to speak to her again she had again walked away.
He thought it a great shame as he really liked her, there was something deep and fascinating about her.She was not like the other girls he had met.

Quite by chance Claire had a psychic, clairvoyant and tarot reading. An accurate and helpful reading using tarot cards, crystal ball, pendulum and sand. The reading told her that she needed to relax more, she needed to trust more, and she would only really understand all this when she tried and trusted in herself more. As a result she took the plunge and the next time she bumped into the man of her dreams she carried on chatting, no more walking away this time, no more being too scared to try. She found it very difficult and she was waiting for him to say something nasty and hurtful, but it never happened.

Six months later they are a real couple. Both are very much in love, both care about the other, both understand the other. You see, he had been abused by his family too. His family were also cold, difficult, judgmental and demanding. He had also found it very hard to trust in getting to know someone and being hurt. But they are both so glad that they did. Their life was quite empty without each other. With each other they brought themselves and each other great joy. They no longer had a lot of flash backs about their past and they no longer dreaded the future, they enjoyed today and made plans.

It will not be long before they get married, they have already moved in together. Life could not be better for them.

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