Shed Fat Faster with the Power of Your Mind

If one of your goals is to shed some weight before summer, then you’re in luck; what I’m about to share with you are powerful tips to help you reach your weight-loss goals. Your most powerful tool to shed fat fast is not found in the gym or in food—it’s the power of your mind.

Your mind is your greatest tool of creation; everything you do begins with a perceived thought, including how you visualize your body—how you see yourself in your mind’s eye.

If you think you are fat and your self-image is that of being overweight, then you will continue to struggle with your weight. However, if you see yourself as thin, your body will begin to manifest what you visualize and you will naturally want to be more active and will crave healthier food.

How you see yourself in your mind’s eye is a preview of what you will or will not accomplish in the days, weeks, or even years ahead. How you see yourself is how your body will be—your body is always an expression of your self-image.

So if you want to fit into your favorite pair of skinny jeans or feel confident in a swimsuit this summer, then see yourself wearing your jeans and swimsuit confidently. Using the power of your mind to shed weight with intention will aid you in reaching your goals with less effort.

The following tips can help you learn how to engage your mind to lose weight faster than with diet and exercise alone.

1. Stay Focused. Don’t give up before you give yourself a real chance to get started. Stay focused on your ideal body weight goal daily. Achieving weight-loss success takes time, determination, and dedication. It takes about a month to create a new habit, so give yourself time to establish a new habit.

2. Visualize Your Success. Each morning before you get out of bed, visualize your body as you wish it to be with thankfulness, and do so again at night as you lie in bed before you fall asleep. The body always goes where the mind takes it, so see yourself fit, thin, happy, healthy, and strong. Feel what it feels like as if you were already your ideal body weight and size.

3. Feel Lighter. Don’t focus on how much you want to lose; your subconscious mind does not like deprivation. Instead, focus on your ideal body weight and sense the feelings of being “lighter” daily. Let your body do what it does best—it is always expressing what you think about. Think thin thoughts and you will begin to want to be more active and eat healthier, which will burn fat faster. Look for progress, not perfection, as you embrace your journey to fitness success.

4. Love Your Body. Your body is your greatest gift from above; treat it with respect, as though it were your best friend. Love it, care for it, think positively about how miraculous it is, and give thanks for all it does for you.

5. Train Consistently and Eat Clean. Each day is a new day, a new beginning of you! Relish in the joy of life by exercising and moving more; make exercise a top priority. Eat energizing whole foods. When in question remind yourself, “If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it.” Eat a clean diet full of lean protein, fresh veggies and fruits, complex carbs, and clean fat to shed weight quickly.

6. Think with Intention. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions, they will have a direct reflection in the foods you eat. The more stressed you are the more your body will crave sugars, fats, and sodium. Emotional hunger will sabotage the best of intentions to eat clean. Have a positive mental attitude and give thanks for all that you are blessed with each day to ease stress; soon you will actually want to eat healthier.

7. Be Positive. Always look for the silver lining in your life experiences, and your body will reward you for it. The body does not do well when under stress; it only causes emotional chaos, weight gain, and health issues. So give your body the gift of health by being positive. When limiting, negative thoughts come to mind, don’t try to fight them—just let them go, and replace them with positive, uplifting thoughts. If you practice this regularly soon you will realize that you are more positive and happy than you were before. Your mind is your greatest tool of creation, so use it to your advantage by being positive daily.

8. Weigh In Daily. Contrary to popular belief, the scale is actually your friend. Get in the habit of weighing in each morning before you eat or drink. This will help you think twice about what you put in your mouth the rest of the day. It’s also so rewarding and motivating to see the scale drop. Once you are at your ideal body weight it is great to be reminded of your success. When you are conscious of your body weight your body will naturally crave healthier foods to support and maintain your lean physique, so get in the habit!

9. Be Happy. You were meant to be happy; you were created to have joy. Your body thrives in a happy atmosphere, so choose to be happy. Happiness not only makes you feel good, but it also keeps cortisol levels down and increases feel-good hormones levels that keep your body running optimally.

10. Share Your Passion. When you get in zone of living healthy share your passion with others. Let everyone know that you are living a LivFit Lifestyle and how much better you feel by doing so. The more you talk about your new way of life the sooner your subconscious mind will attract what you think and talk about, and the more you will inspire others to do the same.

By incorporating these powerful tips you will achieve your ideal body weight with less effort. As you do, you will have more self-love, respect, and willpower to succeed in all areas of your life.

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Carol Whitaker is the author of Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams. Carol is a highly sought-after lifestyle fitness and life coach and is well known for the amazing transformations she creates in her clients’ lives. Carol is a motivational speaker and is passionate about inspiring men and women to live a ridiculously happy, fit life. Carol is an ongoing featured expert on national media and online websites. She is dedicated to helping people accomplish their dreams. Carol is a happily married mother of three. Connect with Carol on Facebook to receive her health, fitness, and happiness tips or follow her on Twitter. Visit to learn more about her transformation services, along with tools and secrets to discover how to create your best life today.