When purchasing a shed, the foundation is often the last thing that most people think of. This is one crucial step that you definitely don't want to take lightly. Without a solid foundation, your shed will never quite "set" right, and will always be susceptible to problems. If done right, you'll never need to mess with it again.

Here's how it breaks down:

-Wood-based shed foundation
-Concrete pier foundation
-Concrete slab foundation

Shed Foundation: Wood-based

Believe it or not wood foundations can be one of the best. It is certainly the quickest and least expensive, and if you get pressure treated beams, you can avoid a lot of problems with rot, and other issues commonly associated with using wood as a foundation. The most important thing with this design is that you want to find ways of allowing moisture to evaporate out of the wood easily. A wood foundation is also exceptionally convenient if you ever decide to relocate your shed. Although you still need pretty level ground for this type of foundation to work, it's a lot easier than other types of foundations.

Pier Shed Foundation

Concrete piers are nice when your ground isn't level. It's pretty easy to use the piers, and some shims to make your shed, level. Concrete will also not rot like a wood foundation can. Time is much kinder to it than other materials such as wood. It isn't quite as portable as a wood foundation either, although, it's a lot better than at least one other type of foundation.

Concrete Shed Foundation

A concrete slab is the best choice if you don't ever anticipate needing to relocate the shed in the future. You'll end up breaking up a foundation like that instead of moving it. A concrete foundation done correctly is hands-down the best choice in this case, but just make sure that it's completely smooth flat and level. Be sure to do your homework in that regard. It's really nice though if done correctly, because you'll have a flat surface for your shed to rest on, and it will be easy to assemble it.

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