Most of the times, the small are underrated. Basketball teams rarely accept short-sized players. Little men are usually ignored by ladies. Short-budgeted films are unsuccessful commercially. Small-scaled business entities have the same fate. For the record, is it the little Moses who trampled the behemoth Goliath?

Small businesses are very gingerly in making investments. For obvious reasons, a simple error may lead to a kiss of death. However, when made wisely, it produces a bountiful harvest. Lead generation is one of the options for an investment. Meaning to say, since all not-so-large business organization are incapable of performing the important functions of lead generation, namely telemarketing through cold-calling and appointment setting, it is but a sound decision to outsource the responsibility to the specialists.

Not all companies understand and fully accept the benefits they can obtain from outsourcing. In fact, they do have qualms on that subject. Perhaps, they have been fed with wrong gossips and uncertain misconceptions. It is true that it is a big mistake not to outsource any work at all. In the same way that excessive outsourcing can be equally disastrous. The right solution for all businesses, specifically for the neophytes, small-sized and medium-scale firms, is a wise outsourcing.

If partnered with the right telemarketing firm, there is no doubt that small businesses are going to start an uphill climb. Among the many benefits of outsourcing lead generation, here are some of the following fruits:

• Cost-cutting. Reduction of costs is the major factor why companies contract a third party service provider, though it is not the only reason behind. Outsourcing eliminates expenditures in the early stages of operations. Moreover, it converts fixed payments to variable expenses. Recruiting and hiring telephone operators together with building infrastructure require extra and large amount of money. With outsourcing, these expenses are not incurred.

• Enhanced company performance. Telemarketing firms do not just power up lead generation functions but also supply a company with market analysis, showing the current vogue in different markets, consumer behavior analysis, research and development. With these information served on a silver platter, a firm does have an upper hand.

• Risk-sharing. Reduction of risk is a natural attraction why firms opt to outsource. The risk is reduced since telemarketing firms are key major players in their field.

• Access to up-to-date technology. One of the major disadvantages in erecting an in-house telemarketing firm is the pouring of cash to technology demands. This can be shied away from once a third party service provider is contracted.

• Concentrate on core competencies. With lead generation in good hands, companies do have been blessed with the luxury of time to focus on their core business. This consequently leads to productivity and improved employee performance.

• Begin programs immediately. This advantage is inherent in outsourcing. Programs are started right away because telemarketing firms are always equipped and ready. On the other hand, it takes lots of time to establish new projects.

• Access to specialized skills. Cold-callers, appointment setters and professional telemarketers alike are specialists in their work. Letting them handle telemarketing services are assured to result to high success rate.

When there are positive sides, there is also the other side of the coin. Disadvantages from outsourcing are also present. These include loss of managerial control, threat to security and confidentiality and hidden costs. However to ensure that a client has chosen the right telemarketing firm, it must exercise careful observation and examination.

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