Sheffield Platers Inc. is the most trusted name in the field of the finest quality of metal finishing. With 68+ years of experience, they are dedicated towards surpassing the expectations of their clients by providing great personal service, reliable quality, quick turn – around and inventive custom processes.

Sheffield Platers Inc. is amongst the top facilities in the U.S. that specializes in the domain of electroplating connectors. They provide quality military grade connectors which are built according to the military specifications and are widely used in aerospace and military applications.

It is also a leading name in the field of providing cadmium plated connectors. Cadmium is highly resistant to corrosion as compared to any other metal and this is one of the main reasons for using it in electroplating. Cadmium connector plating offers a great amount of lubricity and prevents wear and tear due to resistance. This makes it a preferred choice over other metals.

Nickel plated connectors are also provided by Sheffield Platers Inc. with an absolute finish and quality. The hardness of nickel makes the plating resistant to wear with time. Moreover, besides being corrosion resistant, nickel connector plating has an aesthetic quotient as well because it is quite shiny and does not tarnish.

Sheffield Platers Inc. also offers military grade hermetic connector plating that is specially designed to prevent air, other gases and liquids entering into the air tight, vacuum sealed connectors in remarkably harsh environments.

They are the most trusted name for providing the gold plated connectors. Despite being quite expensive, gold is used for electroplating the connectors as unlike copper, it does not get tarnished. Also, it conducts electricity lesser than copper and is therefore used for plating.

Sheffield Platers Inc. also provides electroless nickel connectors that have an advantage over normal nickel plated connectors. Electroless nickel plating is of a uniform thickness and is an autocatalytic deposition. Electrolytic nickel connectors are also produced by them. Electrolytic nickel plating is done through an external application of DC current. The cost of electroplating is lesser than electroless plating.

Electrical connector plating or electroplating of connectors is the most commonly used method of plating. It needs an electric current to deposit the metal or alloy ions on the surface of the connectors. It results in an even, smooth and rapid deposition over a surface and has several benefits. Electrical connector nickel plating is one of the most widely used options for getting the best outcomes.

Electrical connector metal finishing is a quite challenging process and a highly technical field that needs an extremely honed expertise. Sheffield Platers Inc. is consistently providing the best quality metal finishing for various engineering applications with an excellent service, pickup and delivery.


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