Author's program note. I am about to do you the biggest favor of your life. For right here, right now I am going to introduce you to a svelte California grandmother named Linda Elze... and I can assure you it's a contact you will cherish, the way so many all over this grand world already do.

Linda Elze! (Pronounced "El Zee").

Say it out loud.

Roll these two words on your tongue.

Say them as often as necessary until they are engrained in your brain... because she's about to become one of the most important people in your entire life and that's a fact.

To put you in the mood for what's coming, go to any search engine and call up a tune that turns the timid into tigers; wimps into winners; the cowering and terminally cautious into champs with attitude and energy to burn. I'm talking about the pulsating number called "The Power".

It's an electronic pop hit by the German music group Snap! from their January 1990 album "World Power". It's not a tune for sissies, and if you're the kind of person who's prone to throwing in the towel whenever the smallest obstacle intrudes, you'd better scram now because this tune, like Ms. Elzee herself, is raw energy and not for quitters, whatever the "reason". Capisce?

Thousands and thousands in debt. "Oh yeah, gettin' kinda heavy."

One fine day several years ago, Linda arrived at Worldprofit's Live Business Center at She was depressed, despondent, dazed and all but bleeding to death. She wanted to make money online, was willing to invest, was keen to work and work hard but so far her endeavors had generated nothing but anger, frustration, and a whole lot of unladylike verbiage. Linda was at the end of her tether, thousands and thousands in debt, good money thrown after bad. She was about to become one of the legion of also-rans whose bleached bones litter the Internet. It was not a pretty picture, and the prognosis was worse.

But then the lady got lucky...

She got an invitation to visit that interactive gem of the Internet, Worldprofit's Live Business Center, a place where generous experts donate their time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help people like Linda -- and you. When you enter, without waiting even a minute, you find the kind of mature, helpful, informed, good-natured folks your mother told you make the best friends and why didn't you bring a couple of them home after school, she'd like to meet them?

"Don't need the police to try to save them."

As her name was called out -- "Hi, Linda!" -- she felt -- right then -- that she'd come home. "They had me at 'hello' ", as she likes to say. And she meant it just as thousands of others have.

She joined that day, within the first hour she knew of this oh so special place... that reached out with technology made easy (per chief technical officer George Kosch); ongoing instruction in how to create, develop, market, promote and maintain an online home-based business (also per George Kosch)... prompt, friendly, understandable answers (per director of website development Sandi Hunter) to the queries which inevitably pop up to even experienced marketers and need immediate attention. And over 1.5 million formatted words by that "lyrical Jesse James" (that would be me) ready for blogs, ebooks, videos and more. It was Christmas, Valentine's Day and your birthday all rolled up together and presented on a solid silver plate engraved just for you.

Part-time to full-time."Quality. I possess something. I'm fresh."

Like so many Worldprofit members, Linda kept her day job while she mastered the ins-and-outs of online marketing. She played it cool; doing her home work, attending George Kosch's supremely practical, do-able, and precise step-by-step training sessions which were both live and recorded.

She was champing at the bit to go full-time, especially after the money started rolling in; (just days after she joined and which she used to polish off that multi-K monkey on her back)... but took our advice: "Slow and steady wins the race." She's a smart lady, listened and moved ahead -- always ahead -- one certain step at a time. In short order she was a full-time online marketer, home-based, her favorite television programs crackling in the background as she soon exceeded the income from her old J.O.B., and that was just the beginning, for her objective was as infinite as the Internet itself.

"Maniac, brainiac, winning the game".

In quick-step time, by following a proven cash-producing system developed and perfected over nearly 20 years online and available in the Home Business Bootcamp, Linda Elze jumped up the ladder of success; first by mastering the basics. Then by implementing them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Her unyielding mantra went like this:

On sunny days, promote. On days that aren't, promote. On days you're hungry, promote. On days you're not, promote. On days you feel like it, promote. On days you don't, promote.

Get the picture? Promote every single day without fail. Never permit yourself the license or luxury to forego this absolutely essential activity.

By following George Kosch's system, for the improvement of which she made excellent suggestions from time to time, her goals were achieved with speed and efficiency.

Item: She made back the thousands in previously lost money. She had assumed such a loss was permanent, but Worldprofit's tested system returned the funds, an unexpected moment of pure joy.

Item: She was able to quit the J(ust) O(ver) B(roke) and work her ever burgeoning online business full time, with substantially improved financial returns. Her always cheerful disposition showed just how happy she was, how well she was doing.

Item: The business she built so well, so thoroughly, so happily produced not just funds for her but a substantial legacy for her family and that gave her peace of mind.

"I've got the power!"

Today Linda Elze stands before the world as testament to what happens when you are willing to invest in yourself, follow a proven system, and work within a life enhancing community where all work for themselves and each other.

On every level, in every way, on every day Linda has shown us what is possible when a great system, a great work ethic, and a great heart are united...

Envoi. Words from your CEO on behalf of the three Co-Founders of Worldprofit and all the Members.

Friend Linda. Here you are again in the Winner's Circle, as you have been so very many times before. You, who so avoid the lime light, are enduring it again... Not for yourself but because you know that people worldwide need to hear your inspiring story, need to know what you did and how you transformed long-standing defeat into continual victory. They need to know... so that they, too, can do. And for this we thank you as we thank you for the privilege of traveling this information highway with you.

Thus, on behalf of the three partners and Co-Founders of Worldprofit, Inc., George Kosch, Sandi Hunter, and me; and for all your many friends, colleagues, dealers and well wishers, I name you Worldprofit Sales Person of the Year, 2012. What will you do now? I know.

After having graciously accepted our words, kind, well-meant, honest, you will go back to your work and touch the lives of people worldwide who, not yet knowing you and what you can do, will soon know better and thank you for being you, the lady we know, the lady we respect, the lady who long ago won our hearts and admiration.

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