Shift Inside To Know Peace

In today’s ever changing fast paced world, particularly since the recent Co Vid 19 pandemic, we must rely on our Spiritual strength and Inner Balance to sustain us through such challenge. We must sensitively attune to our Spirit and Shift Inside To Know Peace. As the world changes, we must allow and change with it by trusting our own Spiritual guidance!

To know peace on a deep level, it’s essential to honor the mind/body/spirit connection and how it intertwines multiple affects on our overall state of well-being. The basic principle of Interconnection is germane to how we react/ respond, tolerate, embrace and/or grow through these changing times. Of course so many aspects of who we are play a direct role in our personal response system. Our innate personality, health status,immune function, support network, daily habits/ mindset and of utmost importance is our Unique Spiritual strength and sense of Inner Balance! All are worthy of their own discussion,though in this article I will focus on the later two and offer some healing techniques to help you attain a positive energetic shift along your journey.

Don't we all want to feel a sense of being fully anchored in our body, genuinely freed by our Soul expression and always Connected through our Source Spirit? Then let's all Shift Inside To Know Peace! Here are several practices to accelerate your natural healing and growth!! And just for fun, if you want you may place them in their respective categories. You’ll notice how many of them naturally overlap allowing the experiential nature to harmonize all 3 dimensions of mind/body/spirit!

Aligning Mind/body/Spirit is an ongoing endeavor!
Facilitate the process with Self Reflection, Meditation, Visualization, Inner Dialogue work, Dreamwork, Chakra Alignment, Astrological Inquiry, Karmic release, Walks in Nature, Mindfulness, Journaling,Reading,Self-expression through a myriad of creative endeavors such as dance, art, writing, theatre, music, fashion and even interior decorating. Notice which ones call to your Soul’s blueprint. Be creative in your combinations!See how they make you feel and monitor your experiences.

Let’s talk about journaling which can easily accompany any of these activities. To journal your inner-dialogue in and of itself is a evidence-based therapeutic modality because it allows you to take an objective stance (dual perspective) as you externalize your thoughts and feelings onto paper. When you practice this over time, you’ll begin to discover themes that mirror your past and current life circumstances. Similarly Inner-dialogue work such as Socratic questioning, Identification of Limited thinking, Challenging All or None thinking, Tracking Default rationalization and using interpretative dreamwork all help to prime the process of reflection and Self-discovery. The beauty of reflection is that you can do it anytime, anywhere for the purpose of making a shift inside. Oftentimes a reflection will require more than one visit to that idea. A ponderance may require an incubation period so that the unconscious and subconscious may comfortably reveal itself to the conscious mind. Personally, I find reflection opportunity is best when it comes spontaneously without self-imposed "shoulds' and stress. My nature walks help my mind to relax in ease that allow latent insights to form. I use my Nature time for clearing my mind and also to take Nature photos along the way…. In another article we can discuss how Nature teaches us basic principles of life. Nature is a spiritual constant that we all share. Let's remember to respect nature. In my opinion, I feel the Co Vid 19 virus is bringing us much closer to nature as we reflect upon the circumstance. Every moment shares the wisdom of Peace.

So, as you may have guessed, I have a natural bias for Nature walks because I become gently inspired. You can try your own nature walk several times and each time notice how you just may receive that surprise dose of Inspiration!!I It’s conducive to take walks and observe the nuances that free your creative right brain in order to metabolize experience, facts and thoughts.... You can see how Peace already exists within the Natural world and how animals share their resources and shift in their seasonal behaviors. We too shift in our seasonal behaviors or major LIfetime Occurrence (both Personal and Societal). Haven't we been forced to ‘shift’ during this sudden Co Vid 19 outbreak, particularly with the ‘new normal’ behaviors such as Social Distancing, travel bans,the wearing of masks and staying at home. Drastic measures for drastic times.

Energy shifting and Self-Realizations occur through many ways. It’s up to you to choose what combination works best for you. Chakra alignment techniques through Reiki, Chi Kung, Prayer and bodywork are always helpful to create better balance by clearing blockages. For many of you who already know about the Chakra system and its symbolism and purpose, you can integrate this knowledge in your personal journaling and identify life-themes that reveal hidden blockages in one or more chakra. With practice, you’ll become more attuned to each energy system and be able to address such imbalance early on before it becomes a manifestation in the physical body as disease. Renowned Author and Speaker, Caroline Myss discusses this at great length in many of her bestsellers!! A combination of health and healing Visualizations with Inner-dialogue work can help to identify and release energy blocks to open up that chakra. Keep in mind that even if one chakra is blocked it disrupts the whole energetic system and chi will not flow properly. Trusting the practice and staying consistent is essential. Finding a reputable credentialed Energy Healer to work with you is always recommended. Do your research and find someone you trust and respect to oversee your healing with you. Compassionate caring Role models are always helpful!!

Each of the other suggestive activities are yours to explore. Clearly mindfulness is integral to all of them. Practising in the moment always encourages Self-discovery, Self-awareness, expanding consciousness and ongoing Self-realization. I mention Karmic release because oftentimes our blockages can stem back to unconscious experience, perhaps from other lifetimes. These bring pertinent life-lessons that can be learned more readily with professional guidance and oversight. Any and all of these techniques are extremely helpful to Well- being; however,when you need Medical intervention to promote healing, please seek Medical Advice. Both mainstream and alternative healing interventions are often the best course of treatment. I recommend that you stay Open to all treatment modalities and weigh the pros and cons when deciding which ones resonate and will be valuable for you.

In conclusion, to shift inside is a valuable way to promote Self-healing, well-being, inner-balance and Peace.

Shifting inside is a promising sign that you are amenable to growth and transformation. We can all take Self-responsibility to fulfill our role while here on Earth. Some things are out of our control but our responses and choices are always ours.

Remember,that the caterpillar embraced its destiny through transformation and became a beautiful, magical butterfly!!! When we’re able to do this for ourselves, To know peace, then the outside world becomes a better place to live! We CAN ‘Shift Inside to Know Peace’ and nurture our Faith for Peace with brighter tomorrows. Stay safe and God Bless.

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Moreen is a compassionate, holistic practitioner with an emphasis on mind/body/spirit endeavors. She practised psychotherapy and social work for many years. Her book 'Divine Dimensions: Expressions in Daily Life (2014) can be found on Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites. She captures many themes in short easy to read articles

She's worked with a variety of populations and focuses on Personal growth with a Spiritual/ Strengths based philosophy. She creates sacred space for all her clients to heal and thrive in our changing world.

For inquiries and more information, she may be reached at

God Bless and Stay Safe my friends...