Are you living the life your soul longs to live? Do you feel a sense of great fulfillment when you look back at your accomplishments? Do you feel excited about your future and what's in store for you?

Many people today live with a level of low-grade anxiety in the background of their lives. We become so accustomed to this anxiety, it becomes the "norm" and is barely even recognized. Others feel a stronger sense of anxiety, but are out of touch as to why they feel it.

When we are out of alignment with who we really are and what we came here to accomplish, then anxiety shows up to nudge us and move us into better alignment with ourselves.

If you pay attention to your anxiety, it can become a source of intuition and guidance, leading you down a path of greater alignment.

If your anxiety had a voice, what would you imagine it to be saying? Is it telling you, you need a change? Something isn't working for you anymore? Is there something you'd like to try, but you keep telling yourself you can't?

Instead of ignoring your intuition or stuffing it down into your body, (which causes a host of other problems) why not look to it as a friend who is showing you a different path? Yes, this path is new and may feel scary, but if you tap into courage and bravely step forward into the unknown, the payoffs will be immense!

Your soul knows who you really are at your core level, even if you don't consciously recognize this. The longings you feel are you at your energetic, spiritual essence. Much of you is still residing in other dimensions and longs to experience itself in the physical.

Shifting into alignment allows more of your true being to "play" in physicality. Why not allow these parts of you to come forth and create wonderful expressions that fulfill you and cause you to grow into the radiant being that you truly are?

So, next time you feel anxious, find some quiet space to sit and go within. Look to the anxiety with curiosity and wonder. Thank it for showing you contrast and that which is no longer serving you in the present. We are not meant to stay the same throughout our entire lives. Growth involves change and constantly up-leveling into greater and greater aspects of ourselves.

Enjoy the journey as it sweeps you into higher and higher uplifting currents of vibrancy and expression of your greatest, most fulfilled self.


Author's Bio: 

Dena Blevins is CEO of Elevate Your Vibration. She is a spiritual coach and teacher, energy healer, author, yogi, wife and mother of two. Dena helps to raise the vibration of all her clients and thus the vibration of the collective consciousness