Shifting from Victim to Victor:


What a blessing it is to realize that we have the ultimate freedom to shape the world around us because reality is ultimately created by our unique perception of it. We can absolutely take charge of our lives because we are the artists (creators), molding the clay (Source), to create the masterpiece (our reality.) To wake up each morning choosing to be happy allows us the opportunity to set our own conditions to the events of each day. In this way, we mold our circumstances instead of being molded by them. The real beauty of life is known when we take accountability and responsibility for the creation of our daily experience. Contentment is realized when we choose to celebrate the quiet victories of the soul as it makes its way through the process of expansion, growth, and learning with each purposeful twist and turn in the spiritual journey of our lives.

How often do we hear ourselves or those around us complaining about the behavior of others, the way others “made us feel” or moaning and groaning about what’s wrong in our lives? So often we blame anyone and everyone outside of us for what happens inside of us. It’s a sad state of “being” when we don’t realize or embrace our personal power to create our individual experience by consciously choosing our actions, our mental and emotional state, and our responses with awareness, compassion, and soul-full enthusiasm.

Our focus determines our experience. What we choose to focus on expands, and we create more of whatever it is we choose to feel in each moment. If we consciously begin our day choosing to be grateful and appreciative of who we are and what we have no matter what happens outside of us, we step into the role of a “conscious creator” and away from the role of “victim.” It is an illusion to believe that we are complete victims of circumstance. Does this mean we never feel sad, angry, depressed or any of those “negative” emotions? No, it does not. As a spiritual being living in human form that is part of our journey. As long as we inhabit this reality we will be subject to being human and all that entails. We must allow for imperfections and not beat ourselves up over them and refrain from condemning another because of theirs. We are all perfectly human. An oxymoron? Yes, but it is real. It is our reality.

The gift of choice is very powerful. The power of our intent is astounding, having an effect on both our outer and inner world. Even though being human involves feeling emotions such as confusion, anger, sadness or even despair, I’ve learned firsthand that it is up to us to determine how long we remain stuck in the abyss of those heavy emotions. We have the ability to choose to emerge from darkness and back into the lightness of love (for ourselves and others) at anytime. It may seem challenging, yet it’s as challenging as we make it. Feeling all of our emotions is normal and it’s healthy. The key is to feel every emotion that arises and move through and beyond them as quickly as possible if they are weighing us down or preventing us from moving forward.

When we are no longer paralyzed by power-LESS emotions and thoughts we become spiritually liberated and begin to live in a world filled with possibility. It is empowering to embrace our role as the creator of our lives and not as the victims of our circumstances. Of course, situations in our lives unfold over which we have little control. The weather. A freak accident. The death of a loved one. Unfortunate childhood situations. But we do have control over how we view and respond to those situations as adults. And, in my experience, it’s these views, our perception, and our responses that make all the difference. I don’t wish to diminish or dismiss the severity of circumstances beyond our control. What I do wish to focus on is our potential as limitless, powerful, and creative spiritual beings not to allow the painful experiences of our past to dictate the way we live in the present.

As adults, we have the power to choose the life we want for ourselves. We don’t have to remain powerless and exist as the effect of experience outside of us. We can choose to be the cause – the determining factor of our experience – because we are powerful enough to do so. This is our birthright.

Creators accept their power and use it and become responsible for their lives. Living from the perspective of the ego, one only sees opportunities for struggling, defending, hiding, pretending, attacking, feeling offended, or running away. The ego-based mentality keeps one imprisoned with an extremely limited lens through which it sees the world. Our personal memoir is a one-time book with no sequel. Everyday we add sentences toward a final manuscript. If we disliked the previous chapters, we can change them, write new scenes, and adapt it in whatever way we choose. This is the power behind being a conscious creator and the artist of our destiny.

May your creation be as beautiful as your soul intended for it to be.

With love and gratitude,


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