Shilajit is one of the oldest and most powerful superfoods that will help strengthen and energize you. In order to lead effectively and efficiently you will need nourishment that supports you in the execution of your dreams and daily life. Here is an interesting story I would love to share with you about Shilajit.

70 million years ago the majestic Himalayas began forming when tectonic activity pushed the island of India into Asia. Ancient jungle and the sea floor between the two land masses became compressed into the mountain range. Within the mountain for millions of years, this organic material has reverted back to its pure mineral state. Shilajit is exuded from fissures between 9,000 ft to 13,000 ft as a black gooey substance. It contains over 85 organic minerals, including high amounts of fulvic acid, which our bodies need for optimal functioning. Yogis have been preparing it for oral consumption for thousands of years. It is considered a true panacea in Ayurveda. It is a wonderful adaptogen, strengthening our body’s response to stress. From experience, this is actually a food, since most of our produce, including organic, contains between 3-7 minerals.

The organic compounds in Shilajit nourish our cells deeply, providing the conductivity necessary for life. It rebuilds and fortifies stressed nerves, and increases immune system growth. Shilajit detoxifies the brain and all major organs, especially the kidneys and liver. It increases physical power (jing). It increases endurance excellently. I have a friend who paddles his surf board to Catalina Island, a distance of almost 30 miles, and he drinks Shilajit in water the whole way. Its fulvic acid is literally the most powerful electrolyte on the planet! The more you take, the better you will feel. I take it daily and am astounded at how much energy it gives me to take on the day! Shilajit – truly ancient superfood. Superfoods support super results.

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