March is teasing you to wake up to your full potential. Tapping you on the shoulder reminding you to breathe and embrace the Spring thaw. Chirping at you to bid farewell to February’s low light and bleak economic climate.

Cyclical lapses of the blues can easily sneak up and grab hold of you in the lost place between Winter and Spring. Witnessing every part of your behavior and allowing for your natural cycle to unfold, means never getting lost in the darkness of depression.

Never losing sight of all of the blessings in your life and remaining present for every emotion allows you to witness your lost place with curiosity and love.

“The flogging will continue until morale improves!” no longer needs to be a part of your story. A significant achievement for so many of us whom expect perfection of ourselves.

As if on queue, Spring arrives just in time to lead us through the doorway of darkness to the light.

The Dalai Lama teaches us that the highest level of happiness is marked by total freedom from suffering and delusion in relation to our quality of mind. Through these teachings I’ve learned:

1. You have the power to create an uplifting environment by changing the conditions in your life.

2. Your mind determines every experience of suffering and happiness.

Our wandering minds can visit places of darkness and light. Here are some examples:


- Thinking that something outside of ourselves will make us happy.


- Thinking we need to control or be responsible for the happiness of our family, clients, peers and friends.


- Letting our false insecurities keep us from our next daring adventure.


- Basking in the gratitude of what is.


- Caring for yourself and others evidenced with loving kindness.


- Having respect for yourself and all living things.

When you make the choice to live and love in the light of awareness, your life will spring into full bloom bidding farewell to lost place between Winter and Spring.

Author's Bio: 

Unconventional, spirited and delightfully curious, Shann Vander Leek is a fresh new voice in the arena of mindfulness and extreme self care. She is the founder of True Balance Life Coaching and a Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor. Shann inspires women in transition to create balance in their lives through personal coaching, yoga and creative expression. She is the Co-author of a new best selling series of team-authored books for women titled, Wake Up Women BE Happy, Healthy & Wealthy. Telephone and email consultations make Shann accessible to clients all over the world. Visit to sign up for a complimentary personal development session.