Shirdi Sai Baba Angelic Powers and Facts

Sai Baba is a saint who is worshipped by both Hindus and Muslims. He had angelic powers and there is a big temple of Sai Baba in Shirdi, Maharashtra.

Baba made Shirdi as his permanent residence. The beliefs of people are getting high powered and intense in his disciples day by day .Just then another incident took place in which Baba saved the life of a 3 year child. One day 3 year old daughter of Babu Kirwandikar fell into the well and had been drowned. When the villagers came to know they’re all rushed towards the well and were astounded to see the girl dangling in the air. They all felt it as an effect of some invisible and unseen power which is trying to pull her up. This unseen power had helped them to take her out of the water very quickly and saved her life. The devotees of Sai wondered and considered it as Baba’s Leela.

1. Godavari emerges through his feet:

Usually Sai used to refer Godavari as ‘Ganga’ and its water as holy and sacred water. So one day one of his devotee Das Ghana came to take permission to move to a place called Singba which is near to Godavari to take a bath and vanish all his sins and bad deeds with Godavari’s holy water. Baba denied him to go and told him that no need to go there when he has Godavari under his feet only. Das Gunu was surprised losing his faith and found him fake. So Sai read the state of his mind and told him to touch his feet to make him believe and finally the miracle took place. The water flowed out from the master’s toes and in the blink of an eye Das’s hand was immersed in the water.

2. Lamps lighting using water:

As we know so did not use to adore or cherish any materialistic things in his life. He is a man of self realization and had a full belief in worshipping all forms of God. As he never used to discriminate between any religions so he had a habit of lightening lamps in both Masjid and Mandir. He used to get the oil required to lighten the lamp through the big-hearted grocers of Shirdi. They considered it as a small contribution from their side but after some time they all were fed up by donating the oil and finally they brushed off to oblige him declaring him that fresh stock was no more available. That day Sai lighting the lamp with water which burned whole night. After this the grocers apologize for their mistakes and learned not to lie to someone at any point in life.

3. Intuition of burning fields:

During summers, the sun showered blazing heat on Shirdi. Due to this all the harvested grain was stored in the storage area in the yards so as to protect them from intense heat. Sai Baba informed his worshipper Kondaji Sutar that his farm was set on fire. He was frightened and instantaneously moved there but found no trace of it. Baba told him to move there again and he did. Finally he found clumps of corn were blown out with fire. He cried for help and Sai took him out of this situation by sprinkling drops of water. These incidents strengthen the beliefs and credence of people in Sai’s notable disciples.

4. Rising of water in the well:

When Sai Baba went to Shirdi, he realized that it lacked in some basic amenities, especially water. People had to walk to far distances to fetch water. There was a well just for the namesake, as the natural spring which used to fill it must have dried up. The people of Shirdi were organizing a fair for Ram Navami and the biggest problem was of water. So the people went to Sai with their complaints, and he gave a platter full of flowers with some Prasad placed on it and asked the people to drop it in the well. The people sincerely followed Sai Baba’s instruction and were awestruck to see how the well was filled with water.

5. Music Lover:

Sai Baba was a true music lover. As it sounds awkward but it is also true that he was very fond of dancing and loved to hear religious music. He always behaved like an ordinary man and joined people in each and every festive occasion. He was being an opponent of religious discrimination tried to shorten the gap between Hindu and Muslim. He always tried to inculcate the feeling of brotherhood among the people through his teachings and gave two important lessons: always shower love among others and be patient and calm. He felt serene and composed after listening Moulu and Qawwali. He was also a well-known artist of tabla and Sarangi and often used to play them on several festivals.

6. Sai’s place,Shirdi:

Baba generally used to wander in the jungle around Shirdi and resides under the neem tree for approximately five years. He is passionate about meditation and due to this he is considered to be self-contained and inhospitable. After some time he moved to Shirdi and took shelter in an ancient mosque. The only source of survival and fulfilling his basic necessities was by begging and pleading from the villagers. He always maintained a fire called ’dhuni’ and used to give the ashes to his devotees. This ash embodies some healing and invisible power which are often used to cure the sickness. He sometimes through his teachings and practices tried to remove the gap between Hindu and Muslim.

7. Ceasing the rain:

Once the Pradhan of a nearby village, Rao Bahadur Fradhan came to visit Sai Baba for Darshan and his greetings. He came along with his wife and had some spiritual talks with Baba. And when they were about to leave the rain started heavily along with thundering and lightening which fierce fully spread all over in the Shirdi. The couple became conscience-stricken. Sai on seeing his devotee disappointed prayed for them and abruptly situation became lighter. Heavy rain converted to light drizzling and Pradhans was able to leave. This shows Sai’s affection and love towards his devotee.

8. Preventing the fan from felling:

Sai Baba was preparing food in the Masjid with three of his devotees. He used to stir tje food with his hands instead of a ladle and his hands didn’t burn. All of a sudden he exclaimed ’stop’ and then got busy with work as if nothing had happened. When after the lunch they had left, pieces of the ceiling fan were found on the floor at the same place where they were seated. This astonished everyone that Baba could even control objects without life.

9. Unaffected to Heat:

Once the masjid in which Baba himself was there was set on fire from the flames from the dhuni. All the devotees were scared at this sight. However, Baba kept his calm and took a few swipes at a wooden pillar in the Masjid. With every swipe the fire subsided and was finally blown off. All his devotees muttered only one word ‘Miracle’.

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