The Saint-Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi

Baba’s birth and parentage are enshrouded in mystery. All that is known is that round about the year 1858; Sai Baba came and settled in Shirdi-an insignificant little village in Ahmednagar lying almost on the bank of sacred Godavari River. Here, in this isolated spot, far from the maddening crowd, the wonderful life and leelas of shirdi flight packages from chennai this predominantly lovable being began to capture the imagination of men and women who flocked in their thousands to bask in the radiance of his love. A unique personality; Shirdi Sai Baba stands out as one of the most compassionate and humane of all the saints known to history Sai Baba has translated the integral vision of reality into such a splendid series of radical miracles in the 60 glorious years of his messiah ship and continues to do even now, 89 years after his Maha Samadhi in 1918 on Vijayadashami Day.

Shirdi Sai Baba is one of those whose heart bums for the common man, for the ordinary householder struggling under his sansaric burdens with no time or inclination for religion or metaphysics. Into the drab and dull lives of thousands of such mediocre men and women; the saint of Shirdi has brought hope and solace. Almost everyone like to visit Shirdi Sai Temple, is organized by Sri Sairam Subhayatra provide a safe, secure journey. Sai Baba is the rarest of the world’s realized souls who has so consistently gone out of his way to bring struggling humanity into his compassionate fold.

It is vastly significant that though more than 89 years have elapsed since Baba passed away, his influence has not waned nor shirdi flight packages from chennai has his benign intervention into the lives of sorrowing mortals lessened often, enough, in his life time, Sai Baba had given assurances of his protection and love even after he shed his mortal coil. “I shall be active and vigorous even after my Samadhi” he said... and he has abundantly fulfilled his promise.

With such an amazing out pouring of love, it is not to be wondered that Sai Baba should favour the Bhakti Marg to salvation. Sai Baba compassionately assures his devotees by saying “Look to me and I will look to you and simply say Sai, Sai with heart over flaring and that he cares not for show of respect or formal worship.

Shirdi Ke Sai Baba – Perpetual Burning Dhuni Story

In every area of Shirdi, the use of Shirdi Ke sai baba wonder’s can be seen. That’s why, since the last 150 decades baba’s dhuni is kept perpetually burning daily in Dwarakamayi.

Fire is manifestation of energy of which the whole universe is made and the whole galaxy is created and flame compromise appears for the cosmic attention in which any doubt generation is estimated and regularly modified. Best is organized by Sri Sairam Subhayatra. Hence, ‘Dhuni’ is outstanding for home the sins to ashes, for those who search for finish sanctuary in this peerless expert.

Shirdi Ke sai baba gurusthan was below a neem tree. When sai baba came to Shirdi, he got the ground beneath this neem tree dug up and found four miraculously burning earthen lamps buried under neath along with a rudraksha mala. Baba regarded these 4 burning earthen lamps each symbolic for Satya, Dharma, Peace and Love respectively. In his previous lifetime, baba had done his tapasya here at this point where the four burning lamps were found. Hence, the name “Gurusthan”, then baba sai that the time for the 4 lamps to continue burning shirdi flight packages from chennai was now over and it should be shifted from the gurusthan to “Dwarakamayi” his karmsthan, now they would continue to burn as his “Dhuni” till the time this world exists and it was placed in a 7’ by 5’2” place in Dwarakamayi, having wooden pillar on both the sides and padukas near the dhuni is that place where baba used to spend time in solitude everyday at 5 a.m. There is an iron door which is opened to offer fuel. Surprisingly the wooden pillars are not charred or ever burnt or no body is ever burnt while cleaning it from inside.

In an incident related by pujya sivanesan swamiji, looking at the bellowing smoke in 1974, a test performed by a group of Russian scientists for pollution and they surprised to find only minimal carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. Our gives comfort feel, safe and happy journey. Through udi, baba conveyed that all the visible phenomena in the universe are as transient as the dhuni’s ash. Our bodies composed of the five elements will be reduced to ashes.

The udi also cured many physical and mental maladies, but Shirdi Ke sai baba wanted to din into the devotee’s the principles between the unreal and the real, non attachment for the unreal, and asking for dakshina and giving udi. The udi taught “Discrimination” and the dakshina taught “Non-Attachment” and without these two it is not possible to cross over the sea of the mundane existence. So baba asked for and took dakshina, and while the devotee’s took leave, he gave udi as Prasad, besmeared some of it on the bhaktas’ foreheads and blessed them. When baba was in a cheerful mood he used to sing.”Oh, playful rama, come, come, and bring with you sacks of udi.”

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