Did your girlfriend decided to end things with you? Dealing with a break up for the past days or weeks is definitely taking its toll on you. To help you out, following are effective ways on how to get a girl back that you love.

Let's clear it up once and for all before you read further that you can't do or say anything to get her back since you essentially don't control your girlfriend's emotions. However, you still have control on one thing and this would definitely help you in getting her back. That useful thing is yourself.

How to Get a Girl Back That You Love: Cultivate Love

When you call your ex, you are basically demanding for her to notice you.Once you demand something from someone, there's a big chance that you won't get what you're demanding for. Have you ever felt someone demanding something from you? You usually find this situation very annoying. Demands are usually equated to desperation on your part. This is why getting your ex back in your life necessitates using the No Contact Rule.

You are basically depending on your girlfriend for happiness if you demonstrate needing her in your life. This means putting a tremendous amount of pressure on her. When you first became a couple, you simply wanted to spend time with each other. After she left you, you probably feel as though you need her back to feel better again.

Needing someone basically translates to you depending on them for happiness. Wanting is different as it means that although you like someone, you'll be able to survive without them.

How to Get a Girl Back That You Love: Change your Mind to Wanting from Needing

The best way to shift from needing to wanting is if you focus on something else, preferably your life and what you can control. Break ups often cause a person to feel disturbed or chaotic. Some people will have problems with their self esteem after a major break up episode.

You should try working on developing your life rather than working on how to get a girl back that you love. Do you think there's an aspect of your life that could use some improvement? Most people concentrate too much on their relationship that some plans are left unnoticed.

Start forging stronger ties with your friends and family. They can help out with you during this tough time as well bring some cheer into your life. Do you need to burn off some pounds? Or maybe you need to find a more satisfying job for yourself? Use the time you have on work on personal improvements. You now have absolute control so use that power and start changing yourself for the better.

You will find yourself attracting your ex back once you feel better about yourself.

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